Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 29 Mr. Fitzgerald Rejected Freya

“What?” Kieran couldn’t figure out the real meaning of Jaden’s accusation and he looked at him with great confusion.

Jaden looked more serious and questioned, “Uncle Kieran, wasn’t it you who helped Alisha to deal with her news online?”

“Yes,” Kieran didn’t deny and told the truth.

“Uncle Kieran, why did you help Alisha to bully my mommy?” there was obvious anger on Jaden’s face now. Jaden had always been in awe of and respected Kieran, but for his mum’s sake, he tried to question him with his greatest guts.

“Alisha has once saved my life, so I owe her one favor,” after a pause, Kieran seriously added, “Jaden, I won’t let her bully your mommy again in the future.”

Hearing Kieran’s promise, Jaden was relieved a little. He once thought that Uncle Kieran helped Alisha because he loved her, but now it turned out he just wanted to return her favor.

“So, was it you who spread her secrets?” Kieran Fotzgerald raised his brows and asked Jaden calmly.

Questioned by Kieran in such a way, Jaden put on a guilty look on his face and answered, “Well, it was me. I hacked the hospital's system and found Alisha's miscarriage report.”

To prevent Kieran from considering him an evil child, Jaden added, “But I didn’t put her photos online. Someone else did that for me. I won’t take a single look at those indiscreet photos.”

Kieran didn’t answer immediately and looked at Jaden with deep darkness in his eyes. That a four-year-old child could hack the hospital’s system seemed to be unbelievable, but he believed Jaden’s explanation.

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