Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 30 She Was His Antidote

The box was at the bottom under the desk, which made it a little hard for Freya to pick it up.

“I got it!” Freya held the box tightly in her hands with a sense of achievement shown on her face, and when she turned her head around, her eyes and Kieran’s eyes met.

Her heart began to beat faster and faster and she turned blushed. She wanted to stand up, but, as an old saying goes that nervousness is the mother of mistake, she directly fell into Kieran’s arms when she tried to turn around.

Her action was a little bit like giving a hug willingly.

It was embarrassing.

“Mr. Fitzgerald, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

But in the next second, Kieran’s hot lips covered her lips.

Freya widened her eyes with shock and said, “Mr. Fitzgerald, you can’t… We can’t…”

She could smell the fragrance of fresh grass again, which, this time, circled her body tightly and made her feel like she was on a large prairie, caressed by breeze and warmed by sunshine.

and she actually wanted

heavily—no, she couldn’t have such

her children’s Uncle Kieran! What’s more, maybe he didn’t even know what he was doing because of his fever. She couldn’t take advantage of

there was an appropriate distance between them. She stammered, “Mr. Fitzgerald, I guess that it’s time for us to check the thermometer. Can you take that

He cast a mysterious glance at

he nodded and took the thermometer out from his

hid her blush by looking down on


an adult to have such a

you have to take some antipyretic now,” Freya rummaged the pills from her kit.

handed several pills to Kieran and

Kieran glanced at Freya and picked up his cup on the table, ready

him immediately. She said, “Mr. Fitzgerald, tea will undermine the effects of the pills. Let me get you a

small hand accidentally touched his hand when she

she hurriedly withdrew her hand as if

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