Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 7 You Are Really Our Daddy

Fabian also saw the photo. He limped to him quickly and grabbed Kieran’s phone.

“Whoa! Fitz, when did you have such a big boy? You’ve hidden it too well. I thought you were impotent. You even have a son!”

“He’s not my son,” said Kieran calmly.

“Isn’t he? I don’t buy it. You look like each other so much. How could he not be your son?” Fabian stroked Jaden’s face and added, “Fitz, tell me the truth. Who is your son’s mother?

“It shouldn’t be Alisha Stahler. She’s been acting in the past few years. I never heard she had been pregnant before.”

Then Fabian thought about something and looked enlightened. “Fitz, is this from your wife? You’ve been hiding your wife for many years, but I haven’t met your wife yet. By the way, it seems the family name of your wife is Stahler... Stahler... Fitz, what’s her full name?”

“I forgot.” Kieran looked expressionless, as if they were talking about someone unrelated to him.

Fabian was wordless. Kieran even couldn’t remember his wife’s name. How heartless. Hence, this son’s mother shouldn’t have been Fitz’s wife.

Fabian cleared his throat. “Anyway, who is this boy’s mother? You made a woman pregnant but ignored her. Fitz, are you a human?

“Also, your wife is too pitiful. Besides Alisha Stahler, you have an illegitimate child. How could your wife deal with them? What a pitiful woman! Why did you marry Fitz, such a monster...”

Kieran ignored Fabian. He picked up his phone and messaged Lookin4Dad: “Where are you? I’ll go pick you up for the paternity test.”

Lookin4Dad: “Swedayle Garden. I’ll wait for you with my sister at the gate.”

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