Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 31 Mr. Fitzgerald Thought She Was A Slattern

Why did I get nervous?

Every time I saw you, my heartbeat hammered irregularly in my chest, and my cheek flamed. Of course, I would be nervous!

But Freya wouldn't tell Kieran about this, instead, she gave a short laugh. "Well, I'm nervous when I see Mr. Fitzgerald. That's typical when I meet my elders."

Kieran's expression shifted from expectation to sulkiness after listening to Freya's words.


In Freya's opinion, Kieran was that old?

Freya always messed around Seth, but she seemed to be tense and weird in front of Kieran.

Kieran was only 27 this year.

"Do you think I'm old?"

The study was abruptly filled with sudden tension. Freya breathed hard, and deep down her heart, she knew that Kieran was a dangerous man to cross.

Freya had no choice but agreed with a nod.

Freya nodded like a pecker, but she immediately denied it after figuring out what he meant.

A serious expression dawned on Kieran's attractive face.

The first reaction was Freya's most intuitive thought.

Kieran pursed his lips and stared at Freya silently. Freya realized that he must be upset about her answer. Her heart was hammering in her chest.

The dark brown in his eyes was getting deeper with his growing exasperation. Kieran would leap up from the chair and throw her out of the window at any time.

Then he might speak through his freaky smile, "Well, you ask for it!"

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