Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 20 Help Him with the Wounds

After realizing the situation, Freya quickly put her coat over her body. The coat scraped the wound on her back, causing her to gasp with pain.

Kieran didn't expect to see this when he walked in, his handsome, chiseled face flushed with unnatural heat.

In a flash, his expression returned to the usual indifferent calm appearance.

He stepped forward and took one look at the blood on the sterile cotton. "Your back is hurt, too. I'll help you with the wound on your back."

"No..." don't...

Before Freya could finish her refusal, Kieran cut her off. "Are you sure you can handle the wound on your back?"

Freya was shocked. It was really difficult for her to deal with the wound on her back. She couldn't clean out all the glass. It might cause inflammation.

Freya closed her eyes and took a deep breath, there were a lot of male surgeons, and when you're dealing with a wound, it's nothing sexual, and she's just going to pretend that Kieran is a male doctor.

It's like she also checked for him.

After some struggles, Freya decided to let Kieran help her with the wounds on her back. She glanced at him quietly and whispered, "Mr. Fitzgerald, please turn around first, and wait for me to call you, then turn back."

Seeing Kieran turn around cooperatively, Freya quickly took off her coat, firmly covering her front with it, and quickly lay down on the bed. "You can turn around now"

Hearing Freya's voice, Kieran turned, and when he saw the bloody wounds, his brow furrowed.

He was too kind to Thompson earlier.

He should tear him into pieces.

days, injuries were common, and over the years, he dealt with them more skillfully than most

glass residue from Freya's back, and after sterilizing the wound on her back with alcohol, he

worked, and the wounds on Freya's back hurt like

doesn't seem to hurt

when the pain in her back eased, a wave of weariness came over her, and she

delicate, smooth skin, Kieran quickly drew his hand

in a moment of quiet contemplation, he said, "you, like

no reply but

looked down and saw that Freya was asleep, he took the nightgown he had prepared for her and put it over

inadvertently slid off from her face, a delicate touch, his throat

longer, he would do something terrible like

sooner had he reached the door, there was a low sob coming

and he

restlessly. Big fat tears rolled from the corners of her eyes, and

won't cry, won't

corners of her lips were trying to raise, her eyes closed, and she mumbled over and over, "Mommy, Freya is not crying, Freya


exploded in the softest part of his heart, and he couldn't contain

he could no longer control himself. He just wanted to come forward and hold her close in his arms,

people, especially women. He reached out and clumsily patted Freya on the shoulder.

I Don't

and the warm tears rolled

Anyone Bully You Anymore," Kieran said, in

was that her father had sold her, that

the days, she used to disguise herself as a strong one, but in her dreams,

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