Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 32 Crazy About Freya

Freya froze for a while. Was Jaden crying?

Jaden always looked aloof, so Freya didn't get used to seeing him cry.

When the kids were little, they thought that people only had a mom.

As they grew up and learned more, they realized that people were supposed to have a mom and a dad. They were different from others because they didn't have a dad that everyone had.

They didn't want to upset Freya, so the kids always pretended to be okay if they didn't have a dad. But in fact, deep down, they have longed for the love of their father.

Freya wished her kids could live in a whole family, but she didn't have any feelings for Seth.

Freya stroked Jaden's head with one hand and landed the other hand on Jayla's little head. After a long silence, she said softly, "Let me think about it, okay?"

The kids saw hope. They looked at each other and nodded hard.

But they both felt guilty. Was it right to force their mom to accept dad?

They believed in their dad. He would make Freya happy because they were families. And families were supposed to be together.

Of course, the kids wouldn't mind if Uncle Kieran was willing to marry Freya, but he didn't seem to have a crush on their mom.

For the kids, Freya was the greatest woman in the world and their most precious treasure. Not all men in the world deserved Freya.

The kids thought Freya deserved others' kindness!

Uncle Kieran, you didn't cherish our mom, so you were out! You might need some time to hide and cry!

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