Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 9 Boss, We Have Our Children

Jayla blinked, asking Jaden with her eyes that Daddy had refused to be responsible for Mommy. Why did he suddenly hug her?

Jaden tried to keep calm and shook his head. He was pretty intelligent, but this daddy’s thoughts and behaviors were way too weird. He couldn’t understand.

Freya was taken aback after being hugged by a man. When she saw the face that looked seventy to eighty percent similar to Jaden, she gaped.

In the morning, she saw Kieran, so she thought he was the man five years ago. Now, she saw Seth, and she felt doubted, wondering who her children's father was.

Before she returned to her senses, Seth said dearly, “I’ve found you finally, Boss.”


Freya looked at Seth in disbelief. “Are you... Sethy?”

Seth nodded hard. “Yes, Boss. It’s me, Sethy. Your Sethy. Oh... I’m not only Sethy but also the man in Brass Park Hotel five years ago. Boss... we have children!”

With a bang, the shopping bags in Freya’s hand dropped to the ground.

It turned out Seth was the man five years ago.

Jaden and Jayla exchanged a glance at each other. The two intelligent kids immediately understood. It turned out Daddy’s dream lover was Mommy. What a coincidence.

How interesting!

The car window was opened. Kieran could hear Seth’s words clearly.

deeply. Seth called her Boss.

his chest hard. He felt more emptiness

five years ago because she meant nothing to him. He had intended to compensate her. However, if his children’s mother was

an unreal feeling as if he had won

I’ve lost weight successfully, Boss. Am I more handsome? Haven’t I told

it was unreal, too. The chubby boy with a runny nose had become tall,

She rubbed her temples. “I felt quite chaotic

Seth stood next to her with a flattering

She slowly sorted out what had happened and said, “Did you mean five years ago, in

like me so much. They must be my children.” Seth held Freya’s hand excitedly. Those were Boss’s babies. They

single-parent family isn’t good for the children. Shall we get married ASAP and

Get married?

heart trembled. It happened too fast.

Jaden said, “Mr. Levin, don’t you have a woman you love? My mommy has

won’t force you,”

like this, he would be

Seth was quite

handsome face looked highly solemn. “Boss, I swear to Heaven. You are the

disbelief. Seth hurriedly hugged her and said, “Honey, I truly love your mommy. I’ve missed you for so many years. In the future, I’ll take good care of you

pause, he added, “I’ll buy you millions of tasty food, a great many

She seemed to have seen tons of chocolate waving at her. “Will you buy

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