Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 21 Don’t Go, Kieran.

“Are you sure that we can let Jaden and Jayla see her like that?” Kieran asked in a soft tone while a shade of anger glared in his eyes as he saw Seth and Freya were hand in hand.

“I …” seeing Freya’s face, Seth couldn’t utter a complete answer.

Her face was as swollen as a red steamed bun, which could definitely scare the two children.

“Boss, who did this to you? I will kill him for you now!” the longer Seth looked at Freya’s face, the sadder he felt about it. The anger in his eyes suddenly flamed—he became so vexed at not being able to kill that man.

“Pryce won’t let him off!” once Kieran recalled what Timothy had done to Freya, his expression would become extremely cold. If he had arrived there later, Timothy would have injected Freya with that drug, which could cause unretrievable consequences.

Hearing Kieran’s words, Seth felt more relieved. But when the thought that the one who had saved Freya was Kieran occurred to him, he was a little jealous.

It was indeed the best choice for Freya to stay in Kieran’s villa for that night since she was hurt and was better not start a new journey when it had already been so late at night.

Seth looked at Freya’s swollen-bun face with tenderness and affection in his eyes for a long time before he reluctantly left the room.

Kieran accompanied him downstairs. When they were in the living room, Seth suddenly turned around and said seriously to Kieran, “Uncle Kieran, I love Boss much more than myself.

“Without her, I will die. So, uncle Kieran, please leave her alone and let me have her.”

After the words, Seth heavily opened the door of the living room and left at a quick but stern pace.

Seth knew that saying those words to Kieran was mean, but he had no other choice since he loved Freya badly. Once he thought about the scene that she was with another man, he would be too painful, as if he had been penetrated by a sword. to breathe. He could do nothing but cheat in such a childish and selfish way to persuade uncle Kieran to give her up.

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guy, but he would definitely not hurt Seth and Eleanor Fitzgerald—the

Jayla lay her face on the table in front of Jaden and asked, “Jaden, do you know what mommy and uncle Kieran are doing right now? Are they

you are such a gossip girl!” Jaden cast a contemptuous glance at Jayla while keeping on operating the

wouldn’t believe that the cold-face Jaden didn’t want to know what mommy and uncle

for an ID online, something occurred to her, and she said immediately, “Oh Jaden, I remember that, today in the hospital, the fat aunty said that someone gave her 100 thousand yuan anonymously and asked her to hurt mommy.

pressed the “enter”

pressed the button, a name appeared on the screen, and he said, “I know who gave

“What? She again?”

eyes angrily with her arms akimbo as if she were going to fight and said, “Aunty Alisha has gone too far this time. She has always been

thought about it. I think that it was only because of our kindness that aunty Alisha would think that she could do everything he wanted to bite us.

raised his face to look at Jayla slowly and said, “It’s ‘everything she wanted to hurt us’,

she wanted to hurt us,” Jayla smiled embarrassingly and said, “Jaden, tell me what we should do to fight

dark eyes gleamed the light of wisdom and it was obvious that he had

Jaden said sternly, “I will send Aunty

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Arkpool City, the night was gentle but alienated. No matter how brightly and beautifully did the light shine in every house,

joys and sorrows of the world happened every minute and every second, and there were very few

conference, Kieran was about to drive back to Kelsington Bay to check on Freya when Alisha called

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