Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 22 Behave Yourself, Alisha.


Alisha fell on the ground heavily and she raised her head with unbelievability on her face and pain in her eyes.

She couldn’t believe that Kieran would still push her away after she had done that much.

She had already drenched the room with the perfume. Under the effect of it, no man should have resisted his sexual desire when he saw her dressed in that sexy way. Wasn’t Kieran a man?


If he wasn’t a man, how could he have sex with Freya five years ago? Wasn’t he the father of Jaden and Jayla?

Alisha wiped her tears sadly and said, “Kieran, please don’t reject me. I love you so much…

“I have no other but you in my whole life. I have given you my whole body and heart and I can’t love someone else anymore. Kieran, I am not forcing you to be responsible for me. I just love you so much. Please love me for once. Kieran, I want to be your real wife.”

“Alisha, please behave yourself!”

Kieran glanced at Alisha with no emotion but only coldness in his eyes. He began to walk out of the room with his straight long legs and in the blink of an eye, he had already walked out of the apartment.

If it weren’t for her saving his life before, her daring trick that night would definitely drag her into bloody hell like the end of the one who tried to hurt him five years ago.

Although the breeze of the night was cold, he felt hotter and hotter because of the perfume.

knew that he could feel much better if he had had sex with Alisha


but only annoyance caught him when Alisha got close

it was weekend, Freya was able to stay in

given by Kieran was so good that the bruises on her face disappeared and she almost couldn’t feel

she was afraid that her wounds would scare them, and she missed them so much because it was the first time for them to be parted

pick Jaden and Jayla up to her own small

or Kieran’s villa, her own small home was cozier—the coziest

clear to Seth that she could let Jaden and Jayla stay

opened the door and Fabian rushed into the room and he said fretfully, “Doctor Stahler, Fitz was

will go

Kieran was in a severe condition. So, she grabbed her medical kit brought by Seth

“Mr. Fitzgerald, are you…”

seeing what happened in the room clearly, the rest of the sentence suddenly disappeared from

her own angle since he only wore a bath towel after his

turned around immediately but it was too late to forget what she

was even better than a

and Kieran was her patient, that she

she stammered, “Mr…Mr. Fitzgerald,

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