Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 23 Kieran Got Married to Alisha

“Uncle Kieran, I love Boss much more than myself.

“Without her, I will die. So, uncle Kieran, please leave her alone and let me have her.”

Will die, he will die…

What Seth had said hit Kieran’s head like a basin of ice, which widely woke him from the effects of the aphrodisiac. He stopped his movement instantly and heavily pushed Freya away.

“Get out!”

Freya fell to the ground heavily. Seeing his anger, she tried to expel the kiss from her brain. And then, she stood up with the support of the edge of the bed and ran out of the room immediately without taking her kit with her.

Freya thought herself quite ridiculous—if she had had sex with Kieran that night, she would blame herself for the incest, while when Kieran pushed her away, she, exactly, felt disappointed.


Freya heavily patted her own head and calmed herself down—she shouldn’t think about that anymore and why should she feel disappointed?

Such a man with great power and high status as Mr. Fitzgerald, how could he love her?

What he had done to her just now could only be because of the effects of the aphrodisiac perfume.

What’s more, men are all sexual addicts. She believed that even though the one whom he saw just now was a sow, he would also lose his self-control.

However, once the scene that Mr. Fitzgerald would kiss a sow just like he kissed her occurred to her, she felt even more disappointed.

She then blamed herself for asking for torture by comparing herself with a sow.

After changing her clothes, Freya took her luggage and went downstairs.

In the living room, Fabian was sitting on the sofa and lamenting his wounded leg in plaster. Seeing that Freya came down, he asked, “Doctor Stahler, is Fitz better now? Did you give him acupuncture?”

I didn’t. He didn’t cooperate,” Freya lowered her head and looked down,

Fabian limped to her and found her with her luggage. So, he asked,

so I should go back home,”

leave me alone! What if Fitz can’t control himself and does something to me…

her was not because that she was special to him, but because that the aphrodisiac perfume could deprive him

turned out that, to Mr. Fitzgerald, there was no difference between man

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