Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 35 Have Another Baby with Seth

Kieran stared coldly at Seth with a complicated expression.

Seth looked intoxicated, "Freya, kiss me, kiss …"

Freya tried hard to accept Seth, but now, she couldn't stand any intimate contact with him, especially in front of Kieran.

Before Freya wanted to slap Seth awake, Kieran blocked in front of Seth like a statue.

"Seth, you're drunk."

Seth turned a deaf ear to Kieran's words. He stumbled forward, leaned to Kieran, and kissed Kieran on his shoulder.

After the kiss, Seth's face registered joy and satisfaction, but Kieran's face turned numb with anger.

Seth kissed Kieran?

Freya felt this scene was funny. She held back her laughter because she was afraid to piss off Mr. Fitzgerald. The corners of her mouth twitched.

"I'll send you back to your room!"

Kieran said in a rigid tone. Seth was completely unaware of how dangerous he was, and he wrapped around Kieran's shoulders with all his might, "Freya, when did you become so tall?"

"Freya, you seem to have gained weight! Why is it so muscular?"

Seth squeezed Kieran's arm, "Freya, even if you become fat and muscular, I still love you."

Freya didn't expect Seth to reach that further. As Kieran's face turned more serious, Freya was worried that he would tear Seth into pieces.

Freya wanted to remind Seth that he was hugging Mr. Fitzgerald, but Seth was so drunk that he didn't know what he was doing.

Seth put his head against Kieran's shoulder, "Freya, you smell so good! I really want to sleep with you every day! Let's have another baby, okay?"

Have another baby?

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smiled at Kieran embarrassingly, "Mr. Fitzgerald, I'm sorry. Seth is drunk and loses his mind. Why don't you leave him to me? I'll help him

knitted tightly. Let Freya help Seth upstairs?

Freya would sleep with Seth, he had heart-wrenching

"It's okay!"

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can break up Freya and me, not even

with Mr. Fitzgerald, okay? The bad guy is your

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the bad guy. I won't break you up with Mr. Fitzgerald. You

into the guest room

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his dream, he slept with Freya, and they had

Freya tumbling and rolling in bed. He lovingly kissed and touched her

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