Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 24 She Has No Other Man than Him

“What’s the result?”

A touch of nervousness broke his mask of coldness and self-restrain and his voice shivered a little.

“Well, of course, you can’t be Jaden’s father!” Seth posed a light tone and said, “Jaden is my child, so how could he be your son? I also did a paternity test with them and we are 99.9999% matched.”

Usually, Seth despised liars. Yet, this time, to protect his love, he had no other choice but to lie to Kieran.

He thought secretly, “Jaden, Jayla, I am sorry that I am now stopping you from being reunited with your biological father. But I promise you that I will treat you as my own children.”

A shade of disappointment fell on Kieran’s mind. He kept silent for a long time and responded calmly, “Then take care of them.”

“I will, of course, take good care of my wife and children.”

Seth continued after a pause, “Uncle Kieran, I love Boss so much and I am so glad that she brought those two children to me. Uncle Kieran, please don’t interfere with our life.”

“I won’t,” Kieran responded with a mysterious expression. To assure Seth, he added, “I will marry Alisha.”

After his promise, Kieran hung up the call.

Alisha tightly held Kieran’s arms and asked, “Kieran, are we going to get married now? It feels like a dream!”

With no response, Kieran got rid of her embrace and walked into the Bureau without waiting for her.

“Mr. Fitzgerald, Miss Stahler!”

suddenly appeared from nowhere and surrounded

marriage public, Alisha sent Linda to find some reporters to follow them throughout the whole

star, she was much less influential than Kieran. So, if their marriage could be known by the public,

those reporters were hired by Linda, so she immediately held her head high with

going to get

her blooming smile, a male reporter asked, “Mr. Fitzgerald, do you know about Alisha's abortion

she scolded that reporter loudly, “Such nonsense! I don’t know who’s that Mr. Byrne! Who the hell asked you to slander

is all over the internet now. Why should I slander you when

and she surfed the internet immediately—indeed, all her

also the pictures of

Alisha calmed herself down,

we are done! What you have done has been exposed on the internet now! Your secrets are all on the Internet!

You go and find him! He must have ways to

glanced at Kieran beside her with anxiety. Yet she pretended to be calm and responded, “Linda, don’t worry. No slander can make things real. Since I haven’t done those things, I believe that

snickered and said, “Alisha, since you believe that we slender you,

fell in front of Alisha as

Alisha stood beside a man with sunglasses, and their postures were

man in the photo was a playboy from her high school and he really liked taking photos

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