Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 36 Who Is Mrs. Fitzgerald?

Freya read that text message several times. Mr. Fitz wanted to talk to her?

They were already divorced. What did he want from Freya?

Moreover, the location was a hotel.

Since the incident that happened five years ago, Freya resisted almost every hotel. She felt that nothing good would happen if a man and a woman were in a hotel room.

However, she dropped this idea.

Freya had married Mr. Fitz five years ago, and if Mr. Fitz wanted to do something to her, he would not have waited until after their divorce.

From the text message, Mr. Fitz might be busy. Perhaps it was a coincidence. She shouldn't gauge the heart of a gentleman with her own mean measure.

Mr. Fitz, Kieran Fitzgerald …

Freya shook his head hard. She must be insane! How could Mr. Fitz be Mr. Fitzgerald? She absolutely became Mr. Fitzgerald-crazy now!

When she saw Mr. Fitz, Freya must thank him properly.

If it wasn't for his money, Josiah would have died. Although Josiah went into a vegetative state, he could wake up one day as long as he was still breathing and had a heartbeat. Freya believed that one day, Josiah would wake up.

In a few days, Josiah would be transferred to the best hospital in the country, and Freya expected a miracle.

Freya unlocked her phone and texted back concisely. "Okay."

Fabian received her text and jumped up with excitement.

The sudden jump triggered the pain on his leg in the plaster cast, and he bared his teeth in pain.

door and found that Mrs.

text sent to Mrs. Stahler, Freya's ID on Mrs.

to talk to you. She will wait for you at the 9008 room of Crown KTV tomorrow night

text, Fabian thought he

was so impressive. This

Kieran would end up alone, but he preferred Dr. Stahler to Alisha. Dr. Stahler and Seth had two kids, so Kieran was impossible to drive a wedge on Seth's marriage. On second thoughts, he thought Mrs. Fitzgerald was the best choice

heard from Mrs. Elliott that Mrs. Fitzgerald was way more

room. If Mrs. Fitzgerald

worked at some papers, his

he saw the message, Kieran's eyes were filled

vanity woman want

in one go and signed a contract with her in case she

room? Does she want to whore herself

contempt and took the phone. After pondering for a moment, he typed back an

to see what tricks the greedy woman

for men,

had butterflies in his heart after texting Kieran. As Kieran was kind of odd and stubborn, he

five minutes, Fabian unexpectedly received an

to find something good to help Kieran hit the

top they were, they were husband and wife. Over the past five years, Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mr. Fitz had not even

Fabian put Mrs. Elliott's phone back in its place and walked outside the room. He pretended as if

what are you saying? You said they got divorced?" As soon as Fabian reached the courtyard, an

is what Mr. Fitzgerald wants. I can do nothing about it!"

several notches. "If they were really divorced,

Mrs. Elliott hurriedly clutched

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