Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 248 Mr. Fitzgerald, You are In Trouble

Freya's mind was now muddled, but she was also sensitive to the danger when she heard the condensing voice.

She wisely raised a pleasing smile at Kieran, "Handsome guy, of course I'm molesting you! I'm only interested in handsome men, you're so handsome, if I don't molest you, who else can I molest!"

Freya glanced at Seth, then turned her face away in disgust and looked lustfully at Kieran.

The man in pink was too spicy to her eyes, it was the man in front of her, all in black, was handsome.

Freya stumbled and got up from her seat, she jumped in front of Kieran and asked, "Handsome, can I tell your fortune?"

Hearing Freya's voice, Seth wanted to cry, it turned out that the boss, when drunk, really liked to tell people's fortunes plus molest them, but unfortunately, she molested the men she liked.

Seth reluctantly took a hold of Freya's wrist, "Boss, you promised me that you'd molest me tonight!"

Kieran's eyes narrowed dangerously, how dare she promise Seth such a thing?!

How dare she drink with men?

He should have broken her legs!

If Freya really dared to flirt with Seth in front of him, he would beat her ass tonight, Kieran thought grumpily.

As soon as Seth's words left his mouth, Freya shook off his hand in disgust.

"You pussy, I don't have a problem with my eyes, why would I molest you if I'm not molesting a handsome man?!"

Freya hugged Kieran's arm ingratiatingly, "Handsome, can I tell your fortune? It's free, no charge! I'm very accurate,

of Kieran's lips could not be controlled to

to flirt with even

Freya up, "Want to tell my

to tell fortunes, they

behaved well, she was the one who made

How dare she drink with Seth! This woman was getting bolder

some reason, Kieran's obviously ordinary words sounded threatening to Freya, and

was going to snatch Freya away like that, Seth instantly became anxious, "Uncle, let go of

in it, oppressing, "She is my wife, why should I

didn't linger a moment longer, hugged Freya tightly,

stiffly in place, his face as white as

ones were the children

was really despicable, knowing that his uncle and Boss were married, his meddling behavior was a typical male mistress, he still, with a lonely heart, wanted to fight

sorry, Boss, I'm sorry, I can't

Freya a hot shower to sober her up but Freya jumped

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Kieran's face. The more she looked at this face, the more she felt that he was so handsome, and the

then slowly opened them, "Handsome, I can see you are in trouble

rubbed his temples helplessly, this woman

slapped Freya's arse, trying to sober her up a bit, but the expression on her face became a bit

with unmistakable certainty, "Handsome, you really have a problem, you

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