Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 249 Freya Abuse Mr. Fitzgerald

Freya was also aware of the danger at this point, but she was always extra brave when she was drunk.

She arrogantly raised her eyebrows at Kieran, majestically, "I know!"

Kieran's eyes sank brighter, like a wolf lurking in the dark night, he was no longer able to control himself ......

When Freya woke up, it was already sunrise and she rolled over, her back hurting so much that she almost jumped out of bed.

Freya opened her eyes suddenly, and she rubbed her back, which was about to break.

Why did she hurt so much all over! Who shamelessly beat her up last night?

She couldn't bear to be beaten up so badly!

She had to find the person who had beaten her up and beat him back hard!

Freya's mind was running fast as she tried to recall the events of last night so that she could find the person who had committed the most heinous crime.

Freya remembered that last night, it was Sethy's birthday and she had invited him to dinner and she had a glass of red wine.

After drinking the red wine, she became drunk and confused, and it seemed that later, she saw Mr. Fitzgerald.

her old problem again, offering to throw herself at

she was attached to Mr. Fitzgerald like an octopus, Freya hastily covered

not so reserved when she

Fitzgerald! She also made

Yes, fortune telling ......

she tell Mr. Fitzgerald's

that followed, Freya's head exploded with

to say that Mr. Fitzgerald had a trouble and

even more devastated was that she had actually had Mr. Fitzgerald

start, she didn't stand still and fell straight

could she

up and she tried to get up from the ground, but she couldn't get

night, did she rape Mr.

face hard to the ground, she had, to her surprise,


have been a dream, she was a reserved and beautiful girl, how could she have raped on a man like a

last night must have been

the dream was extraordinarily clear, as if it

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