Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 1497 Side Story of Fillip and Lucy, Happy Forever

Previously, because the doctor had said that in this lifetime, Lucy should not be able to get pregnant again, they had not thought about it in that way.

She never thought that she would still have the chance to be a mother, and he, Fillip, would still be able to be a father.

Even if Lucy would never get pregnant again in her lifetime, Fillip would still treat her like a treasur.

But she was pregnant, and he was really happy.

Until the private doctors had left, Fillip was still immersed in this extreme surprise and could not return to his senses for a long time.

After eating a few sour plums, Lucy was finally able to vomit less.

All through the night, Fillip was still hugging Lucy, staring at her stomach and giggling non-stop.

Lucy was really speechless at Fillip's silly look.

Hearing him repeat the same question he had asked no more than two hundred times today, Lucy, am I really going to be a father? Lucy didn't hold back and gave him a blank stare.

"No, it's that I'm going to be a father." Lucy continued to roll her eyes and speak.

Hearing this from Lucy, Fillip finally felt how speechless she was towards him.

He stroked her stomach, "Lucy, I'm happy, I'm happy we're having a baby!"

"Lucy, I'm so happy! I'm so happy!"

"Even if you're happy, can you please not keep hugging me? How am I going to take a shower if you're hugging!"

"I'll help you!"

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