Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 85 Where Is the Killer

The black dagger was carved with intricate and ancient patterns, like totems, magnificent and mysterious.

On the blade of the dagger, there were many sharp barbs, like the teeth of a terrible and fierce animal!

When Shusaku saw this dagger, he seemed to see something scary, and he widened his eyes in horror!

"Shusaku, remember the dagger?" Maxwell asked lightly. His tone was calm but cold.

"Dragon's Teeth... How did you get it?" Shusaku's voice trembled and he shook uncontrollably.

Maxwell gazed at the black dagger, recalling the Sharaku's previous memory.

Dragon's Teeth... He had kept the dagger or many years, just like his old friend, using it to fight numerous wars and killed enemies. Dragon's Teeth was only a weapon, but it could scare anyone off!

Dragon's Teeth was a warning. As it was known to the overseas forces, Dragon's Teeth was Dragonlord's most ferocious and terrifying weapon!

Even the emperor should salute respectfully when he saw Dragon's Teeth, and his pride and confidence would be defeated, let alone Shusaku.

Dragon's Teeth could terrify all the forces at home and abroad, and would petrify both the common people and bigwigs!

"Shusaku, you dare forget my warning," Maxwell said lightly, with a terrible look in his eyes.

Shusaku shuddered, stared at Maxwell with his eyes wide open. Then something occurred to him, and he screamed hysterically, "No... It couldn't be you... How can you be him!?"

For the first time, Shusaku, who was always calm and composed, became so crazy that he clenched his fists and looked into Maxwell's eyes in disbelief.

"Shusaku, this is what you see, but you don't want to believe it." Maxwell put away his Dragon's Teeth and smiled faintly.

"Dragon's Teeth... It was impossible... He's retired. As a noble man, how could he stoop to stay in this sordid land, and be a kept man in a common rich family?" Shusaku trembled, and he refused to believe Maxwell's identity.

That man was a legend that terrorized overseas forces, and made countless powerful countries fear; but the man in front of him was a kept man who was humble in a less wealthy family.

How could they be the same person? Shusaku couldn't believe it!

How could this possible! The fact dealt a blow to Shusaku. He came to China take revenge for Eijiro, but unexpectedly, he would meet the man he had never wanted to meet in his whole life!

"You must be a liar! I don't believe it!" Shusaku gritted his teeth and was not resigned to accept the fact.

"You don't believe it?" Maxwell suddenly looked stern, and shot him a fierce glance, which made Shusaku tremble!

"Since then, don't blame me for not giving you chance," Maxwell snapped. "Back then, you swore to me that you would never set foot in China again... But I didn't think you'd dare break your words..."

Maxwell looked angry, and his strong aura enshrouded Shusaku.

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to Japan, he no longer participated in any task, and focused on practicing.

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