Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 89 When Did I Become Her Husband?

In the president's office, Greta had taken off her high-heeled shoes and stood in front of the French window with bare feet, looking at the CBD in the distance, with mix feelings in her beautiful eyes.

She wrapped her arms around her chest. No one could have imagined that the famous CEO of the Ocean City would feel so lost.

Behind Greta, Harriet leaned on the desk and sighed, "You are softer inside your heart than you look outside."

"You like him, but you always pretend to hate him. See, he has been hooked with by another woman." Harriet sighed as she looked at one photo after another.

"Is it my fault that he flirted with other women?" Greta grunted coldly and discontentedly.

"You've been married to him for months. How many times has he slept with you? Even if he were your nominal husband, you can't neglect him like this," signed Harriet. "At least, Greta, he's been kind to you. He's not You-Know-Who who has saved you from multiple crises, but he's been responsible."

"Why the differences between them are so big?" Greta sighed.

"You don't even know who You-Know-Who is, and you don't even know if it's a man or a woman," said Harry. Harriet could not help laughing.

"I don't care. You know Maxwell. He will hide up whenever there is a crisis," Greta complained. "Even if he was in the limelight at the auction, it was because you gave him money. He has no skill, but a competent servant."

"Well, think it over for yourself." Harriet shook her head with a wry smile, put down the photo and walked out of the office.

In the villa, Maxwell was doing housework when his mobile phone rang suddenly.

Maxwell was excited as he thought it was from Greta, and immediately answered the phone.

But when Harriet's voice sounded, he was slightly disappointed.

"Harriet, can I help you?" Maxwell asked.

"No. I just want to see how you and Greta are doing and if there's anything I can help," Harriet said.

Maxwell was delighted and said, "Harriet, please persuade Greta? I will admit my fault."

"You want me to help you?" Harriet asked, "Yes, but you have to give me a favor tonight."

"No problem!" Maxwell didn't even know what Harriet wanted, and agreed without hesitation.

"You don't even know what I am going to ask you for." Harriet was stunned when Maxwell agreed without hesitation.

"My wife is most important. As long as my wife is happy, I will do whatever I can," Maxwell said firmly.

"She's been so cold to you, but you still love her so much," Harriet sighed. "Put on a suit tonight, and I'll pick you up. I will take you to a party."

phone and finishing the housework, Maxwell took

his dirty white shirt and dressed himself before

BMW came on time and stopped at the gate of

walked out the door. The car window was rolled

by her

beard shaven, Maxwell at this moment was totally different from

took off her

I look?" Maxwell smiled. At this moment, Maxwell was

have fallen in love with you." She was taken aback by Maxwell's look. She

who didn't know him, they would think Maxwell was charming and confident and would definitely

Harriet pulled open the door and Maxwell

with you to

going to my high school dinner party, just take you as a shield," explained

to muddle through." Maxwell

classmates are already successful persons," Harriet said with a smile.

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curious look. "You're not

does it matter to me if they are the heads of Fortune 500

Harriet didn't know that HAL's company had long dwarfed the Fortune 500, but in

calm. Whether it was a Fortune 500 company or not, there was

BMW pulled up in

her car and walked into the hotel

standard, with a presidential suite on the top floor, and a huge diamond

Maxwell's demeanor changed. His humble look had disappeared and at the moment, there was a sense of strangeness in every gesture

not help but look at Maxwell a few more times. Her beautiful eyes were full of surprise. She

were many guests, toasting to each other, and talking

from the upper class. Everyone here was


and Harriet entered the dining room, a middle-aged man came quickly up

it's me." Harriet

that you would come to the classmate party as well. I can hardly recognize you," The middle-aged

changed so much

with a gentle

fell into conversation, and Maxwell looked around for something interesting. Suddenly he caught something and his eyes lit up. He went to the refreshment table and began to eat and

a while, Harriet came behind him

just fine." Maxwell licked

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