Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 105 I Have More Important Things to Do

Greta paused and then turned to look at the two men on the ground. "Take them in," said Greta calmly.


Several security guards stepped up, picked up the two gangsters and dragged them toward the Sandoval Tower.

Leila and Melissa followed Greta back to the Sandoval Tower. The security guards looked at the men tied up to the chairs.

Leila treated them particularly cruel, beating them almost out of breath.

"The Sandoval Group has never had a bad relationship with the Spider Gang. Why are you here to make trouble?" Greta asked coldly as she sat down.

The men were silent. Greta then asked a few more questions. But they didn't say anything.

"We can't beat them anymore, or they might be killed," said Leila.

Greta frowned. The Sandoval Group was famous in Ocean City. The Spider Gang wouldn't be so stupid to make trouble here.

With the Sandoval Group's connections and influence, the Spider Gang wouldn't dare to do so.

Greta thought it was not simple at all.

The two men seemed like they were coming for death.

In the mansion, Maxwell, was scrubbing the floor.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Maxwell took a breath, pulled out his phone. When he saw the message on the screen, he smiled.

"Metis, what do you want?" Maxwell looked out of the window.

He had a feeling that Metis was going to tear Ocean City apart.


In Levans Palace, Ocean City.

Levans Palace, located in the center of Ocean City, was the heart of the entire underworld!

Few people dared to offend the Lord of Levans Palace, and even the entire underground world!

No one even dared to mention his name!

He was the top man in the underworld of Ocean City and his history was like legend. Countless underground members were in awe of him.

Rumor had it that the Lord of Levans Palace, returned from overseas, was skilled in martial arts, and soon set the pattern of the underground world of Ocean City!

There were few people in the whole Ocean City who had the ability to buy a mansion in Levans Palace, and those who had the guts to do so had not been born yet!

Mr. Fletcher was an overseas returnee, and his reputation in Ocean City was won by himself.

he was a chairman of an entertainment company,

reading a newspaper, sitting on a luxurious leather sofa, with a Tibetan mastiff, as clever as a

would expect that the Tibetan mastiff, who was so fierce, would be so


on the tea table in front of the

handed it respectfully to the man, "Mr. Fletcher, it's

man put down the newspaper and slowly answered

sexy voice came from the other end of the line, "How's it

charming voice would make any

are in," the man spoke

your show time." If Maxwell were here,

a moment,

him do this? No

you want to have fun, you have to take it seriously. Rest assured. Then the

have imagined that Mr. Fletcher, the leader of the underworld

totally out of everyone's

When Mr. Fletcher heard about the condition, he immediately agreed. Behind his dark glasses, a touch of ferocity flashed

his luxurious leather sofa, suddenly said out

up and his strong aura filled

feet, suddenly quivered all over. Fear came into its fierce eyes

out of the mansion

becoming a

panic because they knew that only Levans

Ocean City, only Mr. Fletcher had

black cars, slowly drove out of Levans Palace and

caressing her fair forehead. She was very upset about how to deal the

it," Leila said. Although Leila, as a member of special

they're really just here to make trouble," Greta said slowly, "I just don't know who's

help thinking of Andreas, but she soon ruled him out. With his

be the opponents

herself. Suddenly,

of the security guard said, "Oh no, Ms. Greta! Things have gone

the matter?" Greta stood up, looked out of the window,

outside the window and felt

fast. Melissa turned her head, looked out the window, and she

many big events, couldn't help being shocked by what

there were black

must be from Levans Palace. We've provoked Levans Palace!" the head of

underground forces, Levans Palace, had conflict with the Sandoval Group for

was pale



the bar lights flickering, the young man was so joyous and indulged

was one of the top bars in Ocean City, and people with low

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