Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 2: Trampling on Dignity!

Maxwell was surprised. Greta relaxed her tightly frowned eyebrows as her lips curled up. She kicked off her red high heels, lifted her slender, smooth legs, put her exquisite feet in front of Maxwell, and said condescendingly, "What? You're unwilling to do it?"

"I... Of course, it's my pleasure!" Maxwell realized what was happening and rubbed his hands in excitement and joy!

How could he be unwilling to do so! This was what Maxwell dreamed of!

Now it was Greta's turn to be dumbfounded. Not only did the guy not feel humiliated, but he also seemed to be quite happy?

Before Greta could speak, Maxwell reached out and grabbed her warm feet.

This was his first physical contact with Greta in three months!

Just then, Greta's phone rang. The young lady picked it up and frowned again.

"No way! I would rather die than let him get his way! Tell him to go to hell!" Greta shouted coldly and hung up the phone. She threw her phone aside angrily, her exquisite face icy.

A pair of warm hands held Greta's feet. The rough palms rubbed and reddened them. The comfortable warmth spread all the way up to her ankles and gradually calmed her down.

Maxwell lowered his head and gently massaged her perfect feet. He looked up and thought about what Greta had said on the phone as he watched the young lady frowning in frustration.

The man looked down again with an unreadable look in his eyes. 'Who is it? Who makes Greta so angry? Who dares!'

Maxwell married into the Sandoval family because of a coincidence.

Maxwell owed the Sandoval family a favor! He was abroad at that time, terribly injured, and facing a serious crisis. It was Greta who saved him. She even asked her grandfather, a senior official in Beijing, to take a great risk to shelter him.

Greta's grandfather learned of Maxwell's identity then, but he did not tell Greta about it.

Maxwell had been in such an awkward position, but now he had changed a lot. Greta, however, seemed to have forgotten about that.

Maxwell turned out to be a good massager who had perfect control of strength. Even professional masseurs were unable to compare to him.

His massage gradually came into effect. After a whole day's work, Greta was so tired that she leaned against the sofa and fell asleep very soon.

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Greta fell into a deep sleep, he smiled and gently put down her legs. Watching the exhausted, gorgeous lady with black hair on her shoulders, Maxwell couldn't

matter how powerful Greta was, she was still a delicate woman. Such a perfect woman was a

up gently and walked towards the bedroom.

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to the computer on the desk, his eyes shining with a sharp cold

and turned on the computer. He cracked the

surprised to find a line of code

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cyber world, keeping the top ten cybersecurity agencies overseas busy

agencies heard that the virus would disappear automatically if they paid a

were furious at the blackmail and

the refusal, all the network security

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to decipher the virus, which originated from a mysterious

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faint red light, showing that it

in Greta's bedroom was monitored.

she would be easily defamed if the hacker revealed something about her in her

lady lying peacefully on the bed. Deep in his eyes, there was a

out of the bedroom, Maxwell took out his phone and dialed a

family tonight. Shall I invite her to join us?" said the man on the other

My wife should be in trouble," Maxwell said slowly and peacefully in an icy

man seemed to be surprised for a short while before he replied with anger, "Who dares to

Trojan virus. I suspect there are some eavesdropping devices in

back last year. How could there be another? Those who use Trojan virus are

and find out who has the best computer skills in the

secretary, Melissa Lloyd, who graduated from

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