Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 3: A Man with Stories

Bess looked calm, but Maxwell still captured a trace of panic flashing through her beautiful eyes.

"Trojan? What Trojan? I don't know..."

Bess asked, frowning. She didn't look like acting.

Maxwell took a glance at the woman and smiled, "As the director of the cybersecurity department, Ms. Rusk, you don't even know about the Trojan virus?"

Bess trembled, but she still tried her best to remain calm. "Oh, you mean Trojan virus? I remember that there was indeed a famous virus called Trojan overseas last year... But I've never seen it in China, let alone plant the virus in the president's computer."

"Ms. Rusk, the files on the USB flash drive you gave the president are carrying the virus." Maxwell spread his hand, revealing the scattered electronic components in his palm. "And the bug you planted in the president's house. Ms. Rusk, how long are you gonna pretend you don't know?"

Bess stood there in a daze, looking shocked, terrified, and overwhelming.

He pulled a significant smile and breathed out another mouthful of smoke. "You are very smart. The virus has never appeared in China, which makes you less suspicious. Besides, President Greta and you are far less close than she and Mr. Melissa. So even if it's found out, Mr. Melissa would be much more like a suspect. With your intelligence, it's a pity that you're just a director of the cybersecurity department..."

"You... How did you find out?" Bess looked complicated. What Maxwell had said sent a thrill of horror through her.

Maxwell looked at the woman in composure. "It doesn't matter how I discovered it. What's important is that you did come up with such a flawless plan. If it were someone else, they probably wouldn't have found out. Unfortunately, it's me."

Bess would never know that the notorious Trojan virus that had ravaged overseas last year was written by Maxwell!

The agencies refused to pay back the huge amount of money they had owed him, so Maxwell created the virus as a warning to them.

Sure enough, he knew the code created by his own hands.

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