Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 5: How Could It Be This Loser?

Maxwell dialed the phone and said, "I don't care what method you use, but I want the Kramer Group to disappear in a minute."

"No problem, boss." It was the young man who had been at the mansion this afternoon.

Fabian almost could not bear it anymore when Maxwell hung up the phone. He didn't expect Maxwell was that good at acting!

Fabian took out his phone. Just as he was about to call the security guard of the hotel to teach the ignorant man a lesson, his phone rang!

Surprised, he glanced at the screen of his phone, and his face changed!

It was from Mr. Nahum, the most important partner of the Kramer Group. They had cooperated for five years. Without Mr. Nahum, the profits of the Kramer Group would shrink greatly every year!

Just as Fabian picked up the phone, he heard Mr. Nahum's furious accuse, "Kramer! What do you mean by that! You offended someone important and didn't tell me! I don't want to offend him. Our cooperation will be terminated immediately!"

Fabian was caught off guard. He was confused for quite a long time. He did not understand why Mr. Nahum suddenly decided to end the cooperation with him. He even said that he had offended someone, but when did he offend anyone?

Before Fabian could figure it out, another text message came, "Mr. Fabian, the company's server has just been hacked by a mysterious hacker. The server has crashed and our business secrets have been leaked. If our competitors get the information, all the cooperation projects of the company in recent years will be voided!"

Fabian's mind went blank as he was overwhelmed by countless phone calls and messages!

Fabian put through his phone again with a stern look and heard his anxious secretary reporting, "Mr. Fabian, the company's shares were attacked by the mysterious traders. The shares were sold at a low price. In less than half a minute, the company had already lost more than a billion!"

"Mr. Fabian, someone must be messing with us! We must have offended some big shot!"

"Big shot?" Fabian mumbled blankly as he looked at Maxwell, who had a cold and sarcastic look on his face.

Staring at his teasing expression, Fabian suddenly understood.

A minute ago, none of this happened. But now, the company was in a crisis!

Fabian pointed at Maxwell, trembling. "Did you do it?"

The other man's mocking smile dragged Fabian into desperation!

Fabian's phone was about to explode because of the numerous phone calls and text messages.

Covered in a cold sweat, Fabian got to chill! He looked at Maxwell with astonishment and horror!

Maxwell was simply a devil from hell to him. He had destroyed the Kramer Group by just a single phone call!

Fabian was chilled to the bond now. All of this was extremely frightening. Who on earth was this young man in front of him? Very few people in this Chinaad such an ability... The Sandoval Group should get him to help them!

look at Greta, who was asleep on the bed, and shot a cold look at Fabian. "From now on, if I knew that you were in Ocean City, I would make sure you

he met Maxwell's ferocious gaze! Fabian seemed to have

his words. Fabian wondered how many people this man had

forgive me. I beg you!" Fabian

who ordered to use the bug?" Maxwell asked slowly.

orders. An unknown courier sent me the bug and asked me to put the bug on Greta. They said it could

that Fabian wasn't the only player.

still angry tomorrow, you will know the consequences." Maxwell indicated evenly but

crashed server was repaired, the hackers left, and the traders stopped attacking

side of the bed and looked at Greta, who was lying on the bed like an exquisite, perfect sleeping beauty. Smiling, he bent down, gently picked her up, and

collapsed onto the bed. He gasped for air with lingering fear. He would

of the man's mysterious and powerful strength!


black Maybach stopped at the entrance of the mansion. It was almost ten o'clock in the evening. The door opened and Maxwell

his face when he walked out of the bedroom. He took out the phone and instructed his subordinate, "Go and find out other opponents of the Sandoval Group. The company

"Yes, boss."

the second morning, it was already ten o'clock. A dazzling golden ray of sunlight shot into the room through the window and shone on

trembling, she slowly opened her sleepy eyes and

froze when her gaze fell on the

bedroom and saw Maxwell cleaning the

why didn't you wake me up again?"

last night. I just want you to sleep a little longer." Maxwell

hotel last night? Why do I wake up in my bedroom?" Greta asked

smile, "You were drunk last night and

suspicious of what he said. She vaguely remembered that Fabian seemed

you, President Greta?" Afraid that Greta would keep questioning him, he reminded her, "Madam, you could wash

what was more important. She glared at Maxwell and walked into the bathroom with

put on her uniform and a pair of black stockings, untied her long hair, and walked out of the villa leisurely

Maybach running away and curled up into

being targeted. Greta may have been attacked by assassins shortly, but I don't have proof yet,"

with an unreadable look on his face. Ocean

of anyone who dared to attack

me, but I will never forgive those who

was driving the Maybach. Her secretary told her that Fabian had just arrived at the Sandoval Group and was waiting in the conference room to discuss

projects. It could be said that the Kramer Group was

several times, and what had happened last night, when he sexually harassed her under the name of cooperation,

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