Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 6: The Assassination Began!

When Greta thought of Maxwell, she gave up on this idea.

In her impression, Maxwell was smooth-tonged and lazy. How could this guy who would tolerate everything and even give up his dignity for a salary of 20,000 per month be the big shot that Fabian mentioned?

If Maxwell knew who Fabian was, he would probably not dare to breathe!

When she thought of Maxwell, Greta felt disgust. She wouldn't believe him to be the person who can help her unless the pig flew!

In Greta's heart, the last person who can help her was Maxwell.

"Did you see that person's face clearly?" Greta asked.

Fabian had a bitter face. How could he recall what Maxwell looked like? Last night, he was so frightened by him that he almost wet his pants. He didn't have the mood to remember Maxwell's appearance at all.

Regarding Maxwell, Fabian's mind was blank.

"President Greta, last night, I was being lectured by Maxwell. I didn't remember what he looked like. I only remember that his aura is very strong," Fabian said.

"Got it." Greta gave up inquiring. The words 'strong aura' couldn't be used to refer to Maxwell at all. That man was definitely not him.

After Fabian left, Greta crossed her arms around her chest and looked down at the CBD of Ocean City through the huge floor-to-ceiling window.

There were many high-rise buildings in the Ocean City. Greta's charming eyes flashed with doubt. Who was it that helped her? Who could possess such power that changed Fabian?

Greta did not seem to know such a person.

located in the center of the Ocean City, and there were

Maxwell got off. He had a cigarette in his mouth, and he

and fixed his gaze on some

as he looked at them with

was fixed on plump and luring

had a glance of his surroundings, but deep in his mind,

of smoke. He suddenly stood up and walked into a coffee shop.

in the coffee shop where soothing music was played. Maxwell ordered a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee,

chose a coffee shop facing the Sandoval Tower, and he could see the gate of the

and going around the Sandoval Tower with

across the street. The surroundings of the Sandoval Tower looked normal, but it was terrifyingly quiet. There was an

was cleaning the street with a lowered head and a mask on his face. A man was sitting on a bench by the roadside and was reading newspaper, and he glimpsed at the entrance of the Sandoval Tower from time to time. On the road, there was a black car parked. The windows of the car were made of reflective glass, so no one could see who was

watched the situation with a

was an assassination! It was a well-planned assassination! Clearly, these

from the young man was true. Someone wanted to deal with

wanted Greta dead!

just a pawn. The target of the assassination was Maxwell's wife,


deaths." Maxwell

who set the assassination was determined to kill Greta ...

definitely make

a cigarette and pondered for a moment. Under the eyes

the underground garage of Sandoval Tower, Greta was walking towards her Maybach with her secretary, Melissa, on high heels. It was close to mealtime, and the two

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