Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 7: The Beasts

The well-planned assassination was unfolded at this moment!

When the Maybach was driven out of the underground garage, the man who had put down the newspaper suddenly took out a black gun. The muzzle was aimed at the Maybach, and his eyes were cold and murderous!


A gunshot broke the silence. Countless passersby screamed and fled in panic. A bullet accurately hit the Maybach's windshield!


The windshield cracked and shattered!

"What's going on?!" Greta showed panic on her face, but as a female president, she managed to stay calm!

The Maybach suddenly stopped, and the cleaner, holding a bayonet, rushed forward. He brandished the bayonet, and car window was stabbed through! This single strike was lethal!

"Ah!" Greta and Melissa, who were sitting in the back seat, finally found it difficult to calm down at this moment about life and death. Their exquisite and beautiful faces paled! It was an assassination!

Greta had never expected that there would be an assassination against her! She was not prepared at all. She did not even bring a bodyguard!

In a prosperous metropolis, this assassination would definitely cause a commotion!

Greta and Melissa dodged the bayonet. The two beauties sat in the back seat with their long hair messed up and their plump chests going up and down. In their beautiful eyes was helplessness.

"Hurry up and drive! Call the police!"

Greta immediately reacted and said to Maxwell, who was driving.

However, it was at this moment that Greta realized that the driver's seat was empty. She had no idea where Maxwell had gone!

"This guy!?" Greta gritted her teeth with hatred! Maxwell, this coward, was probably frightened out of his wits!

He was as timid as a mouse, and would flee from the scene whenever he encountered a crisis!

Greta regretted to have such a husband!

Maxwell opened the car door and leapt. In the blink of an eye, he rushed out like lightning!

"Die!" An assassin was holding a bayonet in his hand and when he was about to stab again, a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Immediately after, a sharp pain came from his chest and he was kicked into the air!

Maxwell withdrew his legs and blocked this assassin's way without him noticing it. He exerted his full strength at the kick just now, so assassin's ribs were broken!

The other assassins were astounded at first, but then they were enraged and charged forward! They desperately waved sharp knives at Maxwell. As long as Maxwell was stabbed, he would be either crippled or dead!

his long, sturdy legs, which were like

and those assassins were both surprised and pissed. They did not have time to

surroundings all collapsed to the ground with shattered bones and couldn't even stand

rushed towards the black car! Greta narrowed her eyes, but that

"Bang, bang, bang!"

down, and several muzzles popped up

with disdain. This kind of childish

them. A bullet passed his neck closely and he could almost feel the whistling sound of the bullet's friction with air and the wind stirred

possessed by a deity

able to dodge


assassins didn't know that Maxwell had been in countless war-torn areas overseas, and his name was

gaze. His gaze was sharp like a blade that penetrated through the car window. He

moved like lightning as he was approaching the

Maxwell punched


sound, the car window was shattered by the punch. Maxwell's punch crushed the face of that assassin. He broke his nose and disfigured

lit up as he pulled that assassin out from the window by his right arm!

door. The car shook violently with

ground was covered by wailing assassins. In less than half a minute, all the assassins were subdued by the bare-handed man!

present looked at this shocking scene with astonishment, and they had

afar. Her face paled from the extreme shock and her heart beat wildly. Her breathing was uneven, and

was the first time she experienced such a thing,

entrance of the Sandoval Tower, uniformed security guards rushed out and took away the assassins one after another. Several security guards walked to the Maybach, opened the car door, and got Greta and

After Greta came to her senses, the first sentence she

later, a security guard walked over and said, "President Greta, that man left too quickly. We can no


no one could see him clearly ... those assassins were subdued in the blink of an eye..."

us that you were about to be assassinated at the entrance of the Sandoval Tower. He told us to get the emergency personnel ready ... That's why we are here so timely," The security captain explained to Greta. At first, he thought that the caller was pranking. However, the assassination actually happened! Judging from their costumes and battling skills,

So the mysterious man had known that there would

and breathed unevenly. It was very rare for her to have confusion in her eyes ...

a superman's. Greta didn't know any of her acquaintances who possessed such


not far from the Sandoval Tower, a black-clothed man took out a Cuban cigar and lit it. Then, a unique

leather sofa with sunglasses covering his eyes. One could

front of the black-clothed man stood eleven men, each with a cold expression and a robust physique.

all top assassins

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