Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 8: The Coward

The black-clothed man punched Maxwell in the chest, but Maxwell didn't move at all!

If it were an ordinary person, his ribs would have been shatter by the punch!

The black-clothed man found it even more inconceivable. It was as if he punched onto a steel plate! And his arm went numb!

Maxwell's physical fitness far exceeded the black-clothed man's expectation. Maxwell had gone through the toughest physical training, and his thick calluses could even protect him from blades!

How was that possible? Before the black-clothed man could react, Maxwell raised his foot and kicked the man's shoulder.


The overwhelming force made it difficult for the man to stand steadily. His knees were slammed heavily onto the ground, and his knee bones almost shattered...

"You're courting death!" The black-clothed man was trembling with anger. His intensive killing intent almost froze the air!

"You're the ones courting death!" Maxwell said coldly. The black-clothed man felt a heart-wrenching pain on his arms, and as a result, he sweated profusely!


The black-clothed man's arms were broken by Maxwell!

The next second, the man gasped. The eyes under his sunglasses revealed fear!

Because ... Maxwell also broke his legs!

The man's four limbs were broken, and he collapsed to the ground powerlessly. He wanted to get up, but his arms and legs did not cooperate at all. It was as if they were not his!

The solemn expression on his face was finally turned into a fearful one. A drop of cold sweat ... oozed out from his forehead!

are you!?" The man said in panic. He could not believe that he failed in China despite

humiliation. This was the first time

the rights to know," Maxwell said

it on my life that you will not live long. The people of our organization will not let you go!" The black-clothed man said sternly in

you work for?" Maxwell

name Blood Blade. In a few days, you will definitely be

"So it's Blood Blade ... It's a pity that I overestimate your strength..."

assassin organizations. How dare you to

out countless assassination missions, but they always kept a low profile. Even overseas, there weren't many people who knew the name of this organization. How could

remember correctly, your leader is called Blood

dare you call Blood Collector by his name?" The black-clothed man laughed loudly. "You know that we have Blood Collector, yet

Collector promised to me that he

swear an oath because of you..." Halfway through his speech, his sarcastic smile

shining of a blade, a black dagger


said as he held the dagger in

head. When he saw that strange dagger, his

of this dagger was covered with ferocious sharp teeth that resembled the

dagger was as thin as a

man trembled uncontrollably when seeing this dagger!

warned everyone that there was only one dagger like this in the world,

could not afford to offend. Its owner was called

dagger with his eyes wide open. His

when he joined the Blood Blade. Not only could Blood Collector not afford to offend

this man to the mysterious owner of this dagger ... All of this made him feel that it was too

spared Blood Collector's life. I originally thought that he would abide by his oath, but it seems that Blood Blade doesn't want peace anymore ..." Maxwell stood with his hands behind his back. His aura was powerful and magnificent.

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