Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 9: Coming from Beijing!

Greta stood at the entrance of the Sandoval Tower with a towel around her shoulders. Maxwell, with his hands in his pockets, walked over from afar.

"President Greta, are you alright?" Maxwell saw Greta and Melissa and asked. Greta and Melissa had just experienced an assassination, and they had lingering fear in their hearts. Their faces were pale and they could not calm themselves down even after for a long time.

Greta glanced at Maxwell. Although Maxwell said it out of concern, it made Greta feel even more disgusted.

This coward hid himself at the critical moment, and when seeing that there was no danger, he showed up and cared for her.

"Where did you go just now?" Greta glanced coldly at Maxwell and asked in a questioning tone.

"I called the police just now." Maxwell smiled flatteringly and explained, "President Greta, I'm very worried about your safety, so I came to find you as soon as I finished calling."

Greta looked coldly at Maxwell and she had a worse impression on his characters. The excuse he found was not reasonable at all!

"It takes you so long to call the police? Are you serious?" Greta sneered disdainfully. She saw through Maxwell's lies with a single 'glance' and said with contempt, "Coward!"

Then, Greta ignored Maxwell and turned around to leave. She rushed into the Sandoval Tower wrathfully on her high-heels.

Greta's high-heels desperately hit the tile, producing a crisp "clopping" sound, as if they were desperately venting their anger.

Melissa looked at Maxwell curiously. She did not understand why Maxwell would enrage President Greta so much.

Maxwell glanced at Melissa. Melissa was very beautiful. She had a pure face like an angel. Her S-shaped body was extremely hot, and a white uniform wrapped around her curvaceous figure.

head to toe, and he smiled embarrassedly. "Hello, Melissa."

Melissa answered. She turned

down in high dudgeon and took off her high

her husband, to be so

danger, he abandoned his woman!

office door was pushed open and Maxwell followed Melissa in. He made a cup of tea and placed it on the coffee

some tea," Maxwell said with a flattering tone.

say anything. She was too disappointed in Maxwell! In her opinion, a man who would

of view, Maxwell didn't even deserve to be a

matter! She had decided to call her father later. No matter what, she had to get this guy out of her

Maxwell tactfully stopped talking and found

out if any of the opponents of

staying in the west peacefully but set foot in China?" On the phone, the young man said with

one who wanted to kill my wife is definitely not an ordinary person from Beijing because he has the ability

to have Blood Blade assassinate her..." The young man mulled over and said. Maxwell's eyes were calm

an overseas assassin organization, the heads and diplomats of many large countries were their targets. As

female president. In the eyes of

the Sandoval Group," Maxwell

whole day. In the evening, the Maybach was

got off the car with her long black hair swaying in the air

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