Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 10: The Manny and the Businesswoman!

Greta walked in the front elegantly while Maxwell followed behind. Although he was wearing that expensive suit, those who didn't know about their relationship would probably think that he was a pursuer of Greta who was peeping at her!

Entering the villa, a middle-aged man in a suit walked out to greet them.

"Greta, it's been so rare of you to come home to have a meal. Your mother misses you so much." The middle-aged man welcomed her.

The middle-aged man was very tall. Time did not leave any traces on his face. Instead, it made him more mature and enhanced his strong aura. At the first glance, one could tell that he was a big shot.

Maxwell immediately guessed the identity of the middle-aged man. Greta's father, Derrick, the chairman of the Sandoval Group, was the founder of the business. Derrick had tens of billions of wealth and was a tycoon in the business world of the Ocean City.

When he saw Maxwell, a skinny and frail man who was following Greta with a flattering smile, Derrick was astounded for a moment. Then he remembered who he was. He smiled enthusiastically and greeted Maxwell, "Mr. Maxwell!"

"Chairman Derrick." Maxwell nodded and smiled faintly.

"Mr. Maxwell, long time no see. How have you been with my daughter recently? My daughter is so willful that you must have been worried a lot about her," Derrick said.

Hearing Derrick's words, Greta's face froze. Then, she stomped her feet indignantly and shouted, "Dad!"

Greta could not accept the fact that her father was so polite to Maxwell, and he even said that she was a willful person! It was him who was a coward and kept pestering her, creating a headache for her!

"Let's talk inside." Derrick enthusiastically led Greta and Maxwell into the mansion.

After entering the mansion, Greta did not want to see Maxwell for another second. She directly went upstairs angrily and locked herself in her bedroom.

After Derrick brought Maxwell into the living room, a graceful woman walked out and made tea for them.

The middle-aged woman was well maintained and had an elegant temperament. It seemed like she was born in a scholarly family. Her facial features were exquisite, and she was somewhat similar to Greta. Maxwell had seen this woman a few months ago. She should be Greta's mother, Danika Baron.

"Mr. Maxwell, do you have any opinions on the design of this mansion?" Derrick asked.

"The design is very good. I have no opinions." Maxwell smiled.

"Just now, I saw that you seemed to be very familiar with everything here after entering the mansion. Could it be that you've seen the designs elsewhere?" Derrick spoke slowly with probe in his eyes

didn't look as shocked as an ordinary person would be when they saw a

an ordinary person without any special background. However, Maxwell's calmness exceeded

in the end, Greta's grandfather, who lived in Beijing,

grandfather very much. First, he was his father. Second, Greta's grandfather wouldn't say

but after he sent someone to investigate, he found that Maxwell was ordinary. Like Greta, he didn't

affect Derrick's respect for Maxwell. If Maxwell was really an ordinary person, but had

Maxwell. He had been in the business world for decades, and he was good at reading people, but


quit now."

Is it because Greta doesn't like the smell of cigarettes?" Derrick

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his pocket, picked a precious Cuban cigar that he had

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and clicked his mouth. "Chairman Derrick, this cigar of yours is quite expensive, isn't it? The

narrowed slightly and he was somewhat surprised. "You know

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asked for it but failed ... But in Maxwell's villa in Colombia, there were several

ask me and Greta to come here

"Today, I specially invited a

time for dinner. The banquet was extremely

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of "clopping" sound rang out at the stairs. Very soon, Greta walked

glared at him fiercely. Obviously, she was still angry about what


moment. I have a friend yet to come." Derrick

you never invite people over for dinner." Greta crossed


curiosity. There were very few people who could get along with Greta, and Greta could not guess who would be invited by

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