Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 11: Your Conceit Will Make You Suffer

Maxwell narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing a faint smile, which was virtually undetectable to others.

Something was changing. Crossing her arms, Greta coldly looked at Edmund and asked, "This is our family gathering. What are you doing here?"

Edmund glanced at Derrick and retorted, "Mr. Derrick invited me. He said that we could exchange our experience to promote our relationship."

Then Edmund flickered a glance at Maxwell with a sarcastic smile.

"Dad?" Greta looked at Derrick with a puzzled expression.

Derrick laughed heartily, trying to relax the atmosphere. "Edmund has just been promoted to be the youngest president of the Star Group. A few days ago, on behalf of the Star Group, he held talks with our company and reached an agreement with our company on a big project. From now on, we should help each other, striving for a successful cooperation."

Greta's pretty face was still dark with rage.

Although Edmund was handsome, Greta did not get a good impression of him, who was one of the countless admirers pursuing Greta.

Their two families were close. Compared to other admirers, Edmund had more chances to interact with her because of their careers.

However, Greta heard a lot of Edmund because two families were close.

Edmund was handsome and promising, so he was extremely dissolute. He slept countless girls, and many of them got pregnant! After that, he abandoned those women. He was notoriously indiscreet about his private life!

How could Greta like such a person? Even though Edmund looked like a gentleman in front of her, Greta still felt him very disgusting.

Even if Greta rejected Edmund, the latter kept pestering her. He even once wanted to get Greta drunk and brought her to a hotel.

If Greta hadn't woken up when Edmund was bathing and taken advantage of the opportunity to escape, Edmund might have raped her!

After that, Edmund employed a few other vile and despicable devices, which Greta was too embarrassed to mention.

"Since everyone is here, hurry up and eat," Derrick said with a smile.

As Greta was picking up the dishes, she saw Maxwell was eating greedily aside, which touched her. Thus, she picked up a steak and put it into Maxwell's bowl.

In shock, Maxwell looked up at Greta.

This was the first time in the past few months that Greta had offered to do it for him.

Greta said softly, "Didn't you like steak at home? Hurry

was shocked. For the past three months, he cooked for Greta every day. But


The dishes cooked by the Michelin 3-star chef team was

clenched his fists tightly under the table and

effort to pursue Greta, but Greta married such a bumpkin

a househusband. He ate in

husband been doing well lately?" Edmund asked gently with

my wife dotes on me." Maxwell returned before Greta could speak, wrapping his hand around her slender

turning to glare

How dare he

hesitation, she stepped on Maxwell's feet

teeth, failing to expect Greta to be so

tightly. He could smell a charming fragrance, like the

a special preference for househusband who lives off his wife?" Edmund's smile did not fade, but a trace of coldness flashed on

which clearly meant he was against

have no right to judge who I

to Derrick with a smile, "Mr. Derrick, I have a friend who just returned from France. I asked

he isn't able to get Lafite in

smiled faintly. "I happened to know the owner of Lafite Manor when I was in France, so I was fortunate enough to keep a small stock of wine. Mr. Derrick, if you want, I can give you some."

laughed loudly. "Good, good, Edmund, I have underestimated you. It

Very quickly, a bottle of Lafite was served by his bodyguard.

sparkling and translucent wine that looked like a ruby was slowly poured into the

sip, Derrick nodded. "It tastes mellow.

I don't have the ability to get

arms around, Greta replied coldly and

smile. "Greta, as a businesswoman with high social status, you should learn to drink Lafite and champagne. Especially

strange expression. It was obvious

understood what Edmund meant. She felt offended, so

up the glass and gulped down the wine in front

bad, but the taste is

had a look of surprise on her beautiful face. Edmund was slightly shocked

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