Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 12: You Are Arrogant

On hearing Edmund say with certainty, Greta was anxious. She glared at Maxwell with anger and worry.

This useless man kept causing trouble.

Greta secretly tugged at Maxwell's clothes, signaling him to stop arguing with Edmund. If he continued, he would only embarrass himself!

Compared with Maxwell's words, Greta believed what Edmund had said. If Maxwell was capable, he would not choose to be a live-in son-in-law, being laughed at by many people!

Curling his lips in disdain, Edmund looked at Greta and said in a regretful tone, "Greta, I'm very sorry for you for marrying such a man. Even if he lives with your family, he should watch his manner. Who the hell does he think he is?"

In order to ease the atmosphere, Danika, who hadn't spoken for a long time, said, "It's just a bottle of red wine. There's no need to argue about it. Don't let it affect our harmonious relations. Let's eat."

Crossing his arms, Edmund looked at Maxwell with a cold smile. "It is not just a matter of a bottle of red wine. He wants to push himself forward. He doesn't even know how to appreciate red wine, but he dares to teach me about it."

"This is absurd." Suddenly, a mysterious smile lifted the corner of Maxwell's mouth. He looked at Edmund and slowly said, "Do you really ... know red wine?"

Maxwell's eyes were fixed on Edmund. His deep gaze pierced through Edmund, like a sharp sword.... Edmund trembled and stiffened!

At that moment, Edmund had an illusion that he was being targeted by a peerless vicious beast!

With a cold expression, Edmund stared at Maxwell, who seemed to see him through.

Edmund was afraid of being found out that he was just an amateur. In fact, he knew little of wine....

Looking at Edmund, Maxwell said, "The Lafite of 1982 is indeed the best wine in the world, famous for its excellent taste. However, the Lafite of 1993 has a similar taste. A master will even feel confused. You passed the Lafite made in 1993 off as the one of 1982. Are you worthy to be a member of upper class?"

Maxwell's voice wasn't loud, but it was enough to be heard clearly by everyone present. Greta's expression changed slightly, while Derrick was pondering.

"Rafite made in 1993? Are you insulting me? If what you have said is true, on no account will I present it to Mr. Derrick." Edmund was shocked for a moment, and then he put on a cold smile. This was a humiliation to him!

"Among the Lafite, the one of 1982 is the best. It tastes rich and fruity. Although Lafite of 1993 is of high quality, it is not as sweet as the one of 1982. On the whole, it is a little sour. This abominable wine was made in 1993. Someone from upper class wants to fool laymen," Maxwell said in a calm and indifferent tone, as if he were stating an indisputable fact.

Edmund sneered. "You are still acting. If it weren't for Mr. Derrick, I would have exposed you as a rude bumpkin."

Greta frowned, turning to look at Maxwell. "Wine needs to be tasted slowly. Just now, you drank so quickly. How could you tell that it was made in1983?"

Maxwell smiled faintly without explaining. He drank the wine as if it were boiled water, because he had already judged the age of the wine when he smelled the rich fragrance emitted from this glass of red wine.

He was too familiar with Lafite. When he was in France, he had been in low spirits for a period of time. At that time, he drank a lot of Lafite produced in 1982. He even once used it to bathe when he was drunk!

was more familiar with the fragrance emitted by Lafite of 1982 than anyone present.... Therefore, he

"If I remember correctly, every Michelin 3-star chef is extremely proficient in telling ingredients and has high attainments in wine evaluation. Why not ask them to have a try? It will be easier for them to tell whether

Greta's eyebrows knitted tightly as she stared at Maxwell. She did not

very sure that this was Lafite made in 1982. Other Lafite

the result was revealed, how could he wind this

let you know that you have overestimated yourself!" Edmund agreed immediately, afraid that Maxwell would quit.

a lot of money to airlift them over from France. Today, he

what she would get after marrying such a useless man.

in the room, where silence prevailed. After a moment, Derrick nodded. "Since that's the case, then send some to the kitchen.

taken out from the kitchen. A servant whispered by

the result isn't important.

you to know the result. Otherwise, someone may leave in

Mr. Derrick, it's better to announce the result so that someone will know that he is a person

look, Derrick slowly said, "Edmund, do you really want to know the

drink red wine. After reading a few books, he starts to pretend to be a man with high social status. But he fails to know

meaningfully. "Edmund, those three-star Michelin chefs have drunk the wine. They all said that this is the Lafite of 1993."

a shocking result!

words, all the people present

face suddenly froze, and his expression changed. He retorted in disbelief, "This is impossible! This can't be the Lafite of

reached such an agreement." Derrick glanced at Maxwell, surprise flashing in the depths of his eyes.

turned to look at Maxwell in

Lafite made in 1982 are of high quality. In that year, the drought led to a decline in production, but it increased sugar content. That was why only a limited amount of wine was produced in that year, but they were of top quality. Although the wine made in 1993 is good, they

Maxwell said calmly,

On hearing Derrick's words, Edmund blushed with embarrassment. He spent quite a lot money and tried to win Derrick's favor, so that he could get close to Greta again. However, he didn't expect that this punk would unmask him!

know that it clearly says that this wine was made in 1993.

small number was written on the bottle. However, few people would care about such a

are right. People should learn what they don't understand. But if he

who flushed with shame. He wished he could immediately disappear!

do. Let's keep in touch." Edmund

Maxwell, both

useless man. However, she did not expect that he


was true or not. She

looking at Maxwell with a little chuckle, "Do you understand the language of

replied calmly, "I know

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