Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 13: Her First Boyfriend

Maxwell, who was vigilant at all times, did not expect Greta to suddenly attack him ruthlessly and mercilessly.

If those international warlords and heads of states saw this, they would definitely be shocked that the notorious Dragon Lord was in such a sorry state because of a woman!

Was he Maxwell? He looked extremely pitiful.

Maxwell was lying on the floor, while Greta stared at him with furious look, different from the calm one when dealing with business.

"Maxwell, how can you be so shameless? You are coward, but you have the face to promise my dad sternly." Greta glared at Maxwell. Obviously, she was a little disappointed. She was satisfied with Maxwell's performance at the party just now. However, at the thought of Maxwell left her when she was in danger, she was furious.

"President Greta, my leg is about to be broken. You are too ruthless ..." Maxwell howled miserably, and Greta's beautiful eyes shone with a cold light. "Get out."

Maxwell didn't dare to hesitate. He quickly got up and limped out of the bedroom.

After he returned to the living room, Derrick saw him limping with a lot of dust on his body. Derrick asked curiously, "Maxwell, you have just gone upstairs. What happened to your leg?"

"I was bitten by a dog," Maxwell answered gloomily.

"Dog? We don't keep dogs." Danika did not understand. Maxwell had to explain that he accidentally slipped because of the water on the floor....

As Maxwell explained, he thought of Greta's merciless behavior just now. He couldn't help but sign that he had married her for several months, but her behavior towards him was ruthless....

After a long time, Greta came downstairs elegantly. On seeing Maxwell, she gave a cold stare at him.

"Dad, I'm going to hire some bodyguards," Greta said.

Maxwell is very suitable to be

an amateur. Is he able to protect me? I guess he won't even be able to defeat me." Greta glanced at Maxwell

at the entrance of the Sandoval Tower this

encounter such a dangerous situation in the future. This superman was unlike her coward husband, who would just run as far

was, no one in this world deserved to be a professional.... Overseas,

of China even quoted his mission as a good example. The bodyguards of the head of Japan had watched videos of him performing protection missions

family of Saudi Arabian, who offered several oilfields to him. For the sake

most famous bodyguard in our county. He is much more powerful than this


to go to the garage

him not to stay at my

was settled by your grandfather, and I have no right to change it." Derrick had a firm stand on

with a deep look, Derrick slowly said, "Greta, you know your



calmly. Realizing that she could not persuade Derrick, Greta pouted angrily

Maybach was pulled over. Greta opened the car

row, with her beautiful long legs crossed together, Greta looked at Maxwell and instructed coldly as if Maxwell was her full-time

towards the distance in

next morning, after making breakfast, Maxwell

After dressing up, she went downstairs

the company as usual. Today, the Sandoval Group would receive a big customer from overseas. If the company could cooperate with this customer, they would make a healthy profit

disappeared from his sight, Maxwell made a call and asked in a

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