Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 14: Much Better than Servants

"First boyfriend?" Maxwell's heart skipped a beat. Jealousy surged though him.

"Didn't you want to know who he was? Let me tell you. He pursued me in high school." After giving a brief answer, Greta hang up.

In fact, Greta hadn't been in a relationship in high school. She meant to anger Maxwell, so she made it up.

Maxwell pondered for a moment. Then he muttered to himself with a mysterious smile, "He is her first boyfriend. It's interesting...."


At the South International Airport in Ocean City, a man in a Versace grey suit walked out of the airport with a suitcase. Having taken off his sunglasses, he looked around calmly and shook his head. "China is still undeveloped."

When the man arrived at the gate of the airport, not far away, a black Maybach slowly approached him. Having got off the car, the driver examined the man and then respectfully asked, "Are you Hal Danny?"

"It's me." The man glanced at the driver, asking, "Did Miss Greta ask you to pick me up?"

"Miss Greta has been waiting for you at the company for a long time." The driver took the suitcase and put it in the trunk. He then opened the door and invited Hal to get on.

The engine rumbled as the Maybach sped towards the distant Sandoval Tower....

"It has been a long time since I left the country. I have never expected that I'll be reunited with Greta," Hal sighed. Sitting in the back seat, he was looking out of the window at the rapidly retreating scenery.

"Mr. Hal, are you familiar with President Greta?" Greta's driver was very talkative. Hal's words made him curious.

"Of course, Greta and I have known each other back in high school. At that time, Greta was the beauty queen of the school.... I really miss those days," Hal said.

"Mr. Hal, I believe that with your talent and temperament, you will definitely impress President Greta. But it's a pity...." The driver suddenly stopped with hesitation, looking a bit embarrassed.

"What do you want to say?" Hal looked at the driver in bewilderment.

"It's a pity that President Greta has married." On hearing the driver's words, Hal stiffened, and his eyes instantly turned cold.

that someone will be worthy of Greta." Hal slowly

Greta has been married for months, but we've never seen her husband." The driver paused. There was disdain in his voice. "In the past few months, President Greta has never brought him to public places. Many meddlesome reporters fail to get any information of

why President Greta, who is understanding, married such a useless man." Narrowing his eyes, Hal muttered, "It's

clothes rather than long dresses she usually wore, was standing at the entrance of the Sandoval Tower. Today's talks were very important, for it was related to the profits of the entire group in the next few years. She

and thinking about how

at Greta's house, saying that he was very

Derrick, had already warned her that this cooperation was very important and that she must win this

and then it stopped. Hardly was the car door opened

time no see." Having got off, Hal warmly shook

soft, as if flawless jade. Looking down

of Hal's. Then she smiled politely, "Hal, I haven't seen you for years. You're too enthusiastic."

very beautiful. You are more beautiful than any women I have seen overseas."

hosted a welcoming banquet for you at the hotel,"

laughed. "Greta, did you hear me wrong on

With an unnatural expression, Greta had to take Hal to her

a message to Maxwell, telling him to hurry up and buy some good dishes from the hotel. If Hal was not properly entertained, and chose to cooperate with the Sandoval Group's competitors,

of his phone, muttering, "How dare you ask me to cook for your first boyfriend? If I listen to

she knew that he always let her down. If he messed up

Maybach stopped at the entrance of the mansion, Greta's heart

Maxwell hurriedly came out to welcome them. Greta's

mansion, Greta and Maxwell followed behind. Greta whispered, "How are the preparations going? What dishes have you bought? Did you buy

too late to go to the hotel when I saw the

skipped a beat, for she thought

glared at Maxwell. Her beautiful eyes were filled with anger as she said coldly, "If you ruin

she snubbed Maxwell,

forward to vent her anger, Maxwell thought she was extremely

receding figure, Maxwell put on a meaningful smile on

Maxwell walking in, a trace of malice flashed across Hal's face, which was

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