Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 15: Who Cooked Them?

Greta's beautiful eyes glittered with puzzlement. Seldom did this man leave the house. He usually stayed at home, employed in doing housework, which was supposed to be done by servants. The cooking he made every day tasted average. Greta didn't understand how he could make these dishes, as if he had become someone else.

He must have bought these!

Greta thought to herself. She would rather believe that Maxwell deliberately showed off his cooking skill to save face than believe that Maxwell had cooked them himself.

"Did you prepare these dishes yourself?" Hal smiled and asked, fixing his eyes on Maxwell, as if he wanted to expose Maxwell as a liar from his eyes.

"That's right. I hope you'll excuse me for my poor cooking skill, Mr. Hal," Maxwell said humbly with an embarrassing smile. With calmness in his eyes, Maxwell wasn't afraid of meeting Hal's gazes. Hal failed to see anything.

After taking a mouthful of cream mushroom soup, Hal immediately turned to look at Maxwell, his eyes sparkling.

"What's wrong? Please excuse his poor cooking skill, Hal." Greta thought that Hal was not satisfied, so she anxiously explained.

Hal lived overseas for many years, especially in France, so he must have been under conditioning of authentic high-end catering culture.

Although Maxwell had worked in Lafite Vineyard for a while, how could he come into contact with this? He was no match for Hal at the mastery of culinary culture of France. However, today Maxwell chose to make cream mushroom soup, a famous dish in France. He would humiliate himself. Greta began to blame Maxwell for messing up.

"No." Hal shook his head, looking at Maxwell in shock and bewilderment. "This cream mushroom soup tastes very authentic. Not only does it retain the original flavor of France, it also contains the flavor of China. As far as I know, no chef can make it."

"Unexpectedly, Mr. Maxwell, you do impress me today. I have to admit that you have a profound understanding of the cuisine of France. Otherwise, you won't be able to cook such an authentic and famous dish of France."

"Mr. Dai, I feel flattered. Every citizen of France can make this soup. I only added some local seasonings at the right time. That's why it has a unique flavor. I have spent some time reading the relevant books. It's just a trick."

Greta was dumbfounded. Listening to Hal's favorable reviews, she looked at Maxwell in great shock.

Greta blinked her beautiful eyes, staring at Maxwell with confusion. She had never thought that Maxwell would be able to talk in such a logical manner.

Maxwell had only worked in Lafite Vineyard, but Hal had gone to many top restaurants in France. Thus, it was not hard to imagine how much Greta was shocked at Hal's speaking highly of Maxwell.

Greta had no knowledge that Maxwell rarely showed off his culinary skills. That he taught the famous God of Cookery in the western dark world was his latest experience....

"Mr. Maxwell, you should also be very proficient in western etiquette." Hal, however, did not intend to let Maxwell off and suddenly asked.

"I can speak a little language of France. There's no problem for me to communicate." Maxwell laughed awkwardly, but Hal was delighted. Wasn't this an opportunity for him?

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