Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 16: Her Mysterious Husband

Greta wore exquisite makeup. Someone had sneaked into her office. She was scared! Her face turned pale.

What Leila said was more terrifying. If the cameras had been placed on the bookshelf, she would have been monitored in the office!

No matter what she had done, she had been shot. She trembled. If she were monitored, the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate!

Greta thought about it and frowned. She asked, "If the person who bugged my office took the equipment away, why did they take it away?"

Leila looked at the phone that had been taken apart and said, "I'm not sure. There is a possibility."

"Someone dismantled the bug," Leila said.

"Who did that?" Greta crossed her arms over her chest and walked to the French window. She looked down at the huge and prosperous CBD. She felt as if someone was monitoring her.

"Who did that?" Greta asked in a charming voice.

Leila thought about it and said, "Only the cleaners and your secretary Melissa have the run of your office. Otherwise...."

"What is it?" Greta raised an eyebrow.

"Someone who is good at martial arts did that," Leila said.

"I see. I'll let you go." Greta sat down and called someone after Leila walked out of the office.

"Investigate Melissa. Did she deal with any suspicious people recently?"

Inside the villa, Maxwell was wiping the walls. He was covered in sweat. A silver Rolls-Royce Phantom was coming towards him. Someone parked the car at the entrance of the villa.

The young man who appeared last time walked into the villa and saw Maxwell working hard. He smiled faintly and said, "Maxwell, you have a full life!"

"Go ahead!" Maxwell glared at the man.

The young man gave Maxwell a wry look. Suddenly, he shot something black out from his sleeve. The speed was so fast!

Maxwell had his back to the young man and didn't turn around. He squinted his eyes sharply!

It was sudden!

his hand and

grabbed it and glanced at the young man coldly. The young man smiled and said, "You're so awesome even after a few

will think that you are sending me

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an electronic component at him. It

leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest. "You're right. I found two bugs and a camera in Greta's

angry. He

is monitoring my wife,"

man to sneak into the Sandoval Tower in the middle of the

you know that someone monitored Greta?"

clothes. They

a normal commercial competition." The young man's tone was colder and more

the Sandoval Group? This was premeditated. It wasn't a

Greta didn't know that she was in

would come to the Ocean City by private plane tonight to sleep with you as long as you make a phone call." The young man

met many beauties. They're uglier than my wife." Maxwell waved his

going to sleep with the star. You haven't met her

continue like that!" Maxwell snorted coldly and pointed at the wedding photo on the wall that had been cleaned. "Look at the photo. My wife is

that Maxwell would be angry if he said something bad about Greta. The young man shook his head, put on his sunglasses and walked out of the villa.

deafening rumble, the Rolls-Royce Phantom

bicycle in the garage and dusted it. Then he rode the bicycle and came to the

arriving at the Sandoval Tower, Maxwell took the elevator to the top floor of the building and found the front desk. He said, "I'm looking for President Greta."

you have an appointment?" the receptionist

"No," Maxwell said.

appointment, President Greta won't see

for her." Maxwell was

at Maxwell. Maxwell wore a worn-out white

smell of the cigarette spread out at the

hand to disperse the choking smell of the cigarette. She shouted sternly, "Who do

angry when he heard what the receptionist said. He was calm. He said slowly, "Call her and confirm

the Sandoval Group. Do you think she will have the time to meet a punk like you? Hurry up

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