Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 17: Be in Danger

The people present were all employees of the Sandoval Group. They had heard that Greta had a mysterious husband. There were rumors about Greta's husband in the company. However, when Maxwell appeared, many people couldn't believe it.

"Is this President Greta's husband? The Sandovals are wealthy in Ocean City. Why he is so slovenly?"

'He may be the Sandovals' worst son-in-law, right?'

Many people thought like that. Maxwell ignored those discriminatory gazes and looked at Greta.

Greta glared coldly at Maxwell. She was angry!

She had warned him not to leave the villa, but he went to her company!

The receptionist whispered, "President Greta, he said he was your husband and he wanted to see you, so I'm confirming his identity."

Greta glanced at the receptionist coldly and said to Maxwell, "Follow me." Then she turned around and walked towards the office.

Maxwell glanced at the receptionist. The receptionist was astonished and embarrassed.

Although Greta didn't admit it, her reaction explained everything.

The man with the tattered clothes was President Greta's husband.

Why did Greta choose him?

The crowd disassembled, but they didn't calm down for a long time. Soon, the description of Maxwell spread throughout the company.

Although many employees didn't say anything, they looked down upon Maxwell.

The Sandoval Group was famous. Greta chose such a man to be her husband. They heard that he didn't have a job. He was a loser.

No wonder President Greta didn't introduce him. She was reluctant to admit that he was her husband.

her arms over her chest and walked towards the office angrily. Her footsteps echoed in

Maxwell followed her and saw Hal

Maxwell here?" Hal was surprised when

to ask you. Didn't I tell you not to come to the

worried about you,"

picked up the pen

dodge in time. He was struck

Greta, "Greta,

Greta smiled charmingly.

her arms crossed over her chest. She

of water for Greta. He said, "President

looked up at Maxwell who was slippery. She disliked him. She wished she could kick Maxwell out of the Sandoval Tower!

take her warning seriously. She felt humiliated because of him. How could she

their relationship, so there would be rumors. Greta said with a disgusted

was staring at him and smiling coldly. Hal wore sunglasses in

beautiful. He smiled wickedly. How could he let Greta off? He always remembered that Greta humiliated him in the high school. She was a famous

would get her tonight. She would be his toy. She was extremely

witness how he would torment Greta!


Even though Maxwell was enthusiastic,

second floor for a long time before changing into

that, she shouted coldly. She pulled the hem of her skirt and avoided Maxwell's gaze. Maxwell looked away

said in a hurry and walked out of

Sandoval Group's cooperation with Hal had reached the most important moment.

to take advantage of this meal

window and watched Greta getting in the Maybach. Leila drove the car

Greta's personal

was good at driving. She wasn't worse than the previous private

Greta, but she was stopped by Greta. "I believe Hal. You may disturb our cooperation.

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