Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 18: Is It too Late?

Greta's dress was torn apart into pieces and fell to the ground. Her black stockings were grasped by a man. He tore apart her stockings. Her black stockings were torn apart into two pieces. Her alluring snow-white legs were exposed.

Greta struggled. She was angry and scared!

She never expected that she would be raped by a few strong men!

"No! Please stop. I can give you anything you want." Greta's long hair was messy. She was in a panic.

"I want you to call me 'Dad'. Do you agree?" A strong man held Greta's chin with a vicious smile.

"Where's Hal? Where is he?" Greta said in a trembling voice.

They laughed and sneered.

Where was Hal? Hal was in the next room. He was waiting for a tortured and exhausted goddess being sent to him and becoming his toy!

"Who's your boss?" Greta looked at them and thought of the assassination a few days ago.

Greta regretted it. If she had come here with Leila, she wouldn't have been like this.

They tore apart her shirt. Greta's white shirt was torn apart!

Her snow-white body shone under the white light.

Greta closed her beautiful eyes and shed tears. She felt painful.

Maxwell felt anxious in the villa.

He felt that something was wrong, but he didn't know what was wrong.

people climbed over the wall of the villa

squinted his eyes. He was

hook and grabbed the rope to climb on the wall. They crawled like geckos.

the bedroom on the second floor, Maxwell said coldly in the pitch-black room,

walked out of the corner of the

They thrust the daggers at Maxwell with all their might! If

They failed.

coldly behind them. The temperature in

They didn't see the movements of

the biggest taboo they violated was to

how much effort Maxwell made to wipe the floor every day. When they stepped on the floor, everything was

fell on the

the second-floor window and fell on the ground

Maxwell's tone

but their legs had been broken by

one answered me." Maxwell smiled coldly and attacked them. He shot

scar appeared on one man's left arm.

cut off easily by

home. Maxwell didn't expect that these assassins would

covered his arm and twitched in pain.

thought about it

tried to capture him and Greta

phone and made a call.

wife immediately!" Maxwell said sternly. He was calm, but

knew Greta. It was impossible for her to keep Leila by

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