Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 19: Why does He Come Here?

Leila glanced at them coldly. Then she saw Greta struggling. Leila was furious.

The mysterious person didn't lie. Greta was in danger!

Leila clenched her hands tightly. Although she was beautiful, she was terrifying.

"Catch her!" One of the men sneered, picked up a steel pipe and rushed towards Leila!

They picked up the steel pipes threateningly. They were aggressive!


Greta shouted. She was worried. Leila was surrounded by these strong men!

Greta closed her eyes. She didn't want to see Leila being beaten up.

Not long after Greta closed her eyes, these men screamed in pain.

After Greta opened her eyes, she saw that these men who were holding the steel pipes were lying on the ground in a sorry state!

Leila stood in front of them coldly. She didn't get hurt.

These men got hurt. Some of them knelt on the ground and covered their bellies. Their heads were covered with blood!

"Who are you?" A man who was grasping Greta was shocked. He didn't see what had happened clearly. His mates pounced towards Leila, and then they flew backwards like a kite with a broken string. They got hurt!

Leila attacked quickly. The man didn't see Leila's movements clearly!

The man was a hooligan. He didn't recognize what Leila used was the Military Boxing!

"Let go!" Leila walked towards the man. Wherever she passed, they howled in pain!

"No way! Bitch!" the man laughed sinisterly.

rushed towards the man!

of an eye, Leila appeared in front

smashed the

steel pipe was as thick as a child's arm. If Leila was hit by it, Leila would get

Greta shouted, but it

failed. Leila dodged the steel pipe with a strange posture. It was

and at a

could it be possible? Normal

lifted him and threw the man on the

fell on the ground!

floor was

was shocked. Her face turned pale.

late." Greta trembled. Leila helped Greta up and

Greta said in a trembling voice. Her clothes were shattered.

her plump

took off the clothes of the men and put them on

turned the men around, but

next room, Hal held the goblet. He was at

long time, the sound of the next room became lower.

must have been tormented and wasn't

must have raped Greta and she

will take revenge on you!" Hal smiled coldly. He would let Greta become his toy. The goddess would become his personal toy.

Hal said to one of his


subordinate left the

frowned. He didn't

subordinate was nervous. "President Greta was saved by her

and quivered with rage. He asked in disbelief, "What

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