Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 20: Criticisms

Greta didn't expect that Maxwell would come here. She didn't want to see him.

"President Greta, what happened?" Maxwell rushed to Greta. He was worried. However, Greta glanced coldly at him and said to Leila, "Turn him out of here."


Leila replied and looked at Maxwell, "Please get out of here."

"President Greta, I...." Maxwell was about to say something when Greta glared fiercely at him and shouted coldly, "Get out! Don't embarrass me."

Maxwell had no choice but to wait outside.

Greta held the phone and stared at the screen. She thought about it. She always had a feeling that someone had been helping her secretly since the assassination at the entrance of the Sandoval Tower.

The person even knew the hotel room number, but she didn't know anything about the person.

Who was the person? Why did the person help her? Did the person know her?

Greta frowned. She couldn't figure it out. The number was displayed on the screen. She didn't know who sent the message.

Greta didn't know why she thought of Maxwell. She was upset that she thought of Maxwell.

A strange thought appeared in Greta's heart. They were all humans. Why was the mysterious person so different from Maxwell?

The difference between them was huge.

One had helped her secretly, but the other had made things difficult for her!

Maxwell was nobody.

private room and wore a coat, Maxwell was waiting outside. He came up to her and said anxiously, "President Greta, are you

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glanced at Greta. Greta's clothes were torn apart into pieces. Only the thin lace wrapped her delicate body. Her snow-white

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