Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 21: I Hope You Will Not Regret It!


In the private room of the hotel, Hal removed the gauze layer by layer gently. The wound on his palm hadn't healed. It was bleeding!

"Greta...." Hal's gaze was cold and terrifying. He was like a ferocious beast!

The wound on his hand was caused by Greta. He had never suffered such humiliation since he was born!

He wanted to get Greta, but he failed again and again. He couldn't stand that!

He swore he would use his injured hand to torment that beautiful Greta. She would suffer a lot.

A strong wind blew in through the window. Hal felt cold and strange.

Suddenly, darkness overwhelmed the room.

the room

eyes as he suddenly found a dark figure in

Hal couldn't

are you?"

you not to bear ill will towards the Sandoval Group and Greta," the man said slowly. Hal felt the temperature

to be mysterious. Who are you? How dare you teach me how to do?" Hal sneered. With his father's status overseas, no one

man was nobody to Hal. Hal glanced at him and said, "You're nobody. Even Derrick doesn't

could Hal be

Derrick was powerful in the Ocean City, Derrick's power

known overseas. The Sandoval Group was much inferior

overseas enterprises were related to Hal and his

was true. Even if Derrick had done business

up and get out.

minutes. You called the police five minutes ago. You arranged all of these things." The man walked out of the darkness slowly. Hal was surprised. Hal saw Maxwell's face under

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