Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 22: Are You Afraid?

"Stop!" Hal shouted suddenly.

Hal said maliciously, "You must die. You won't see the sun tomorrow!"

Suddenly, a loud sound rang out!

A black light shone out from Maxwell's palm and hit towards Hal!

The speed was fast! It was so powerful that it even cut off the air like a sword and brought about guts of strong winds!

The black light grazed Hal's fingers and plunged into the wall!

The wall was cracked. A sharp pain shot through Hal's finger.

Hal screamed miserably. He gaped at his bleeding middle finger. Part of it had been severed from his finger, and in the next moment, it fell to the ground.

When he finally managed to prop himself up from the ground, he found Maxwell had left.

rushed in in panic, "Mr. Hal,

Hal gritted his teeth with the intense pain. There was

there is a mysterious overseas consortium cracking down on

you got to be afraid

the headquarters all resigned just now. It looks like that they were threatened! There is

The headquarters would be vulnerable to the

the threat come from? Why did

phone rang when Hal was thinking

intense pain, only to hear his father’s voice in panic, "Have you offended

is going on?" Hal

someone. My partners said that you had offended someone.

go bankrupt. What did

eyes wide open. He

was this possible? The headquarters fell into chaos only two minutes after he

stupid. Overseas, only a limited number

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