Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 23: Good at Acting!

Maxwell looked at the exquisite figure of Greta with a doting smile.

He walked up to Greta quietly and took a basin of water to wash her feet.

Maxwell took off Greta's exquisite red high heels and touched her slender snow-white legs in the tight black stockings.

He grabbed the black stockings gently and took them off slowly.

The black stockings folded and slid down from her straight snow-white legs smoothly.

Holding the exquisite snow-white feet and feeling the milky and flawless skin, Maxwell got excited and couldn't calm himself down for a few minutes.

He caressed her delicate skin and her snow-white feet with rough hands. He had seen countless beauties overseas, but had never seen such snow-white feet!

Greta’s feet weren't smelly at all. They even had a pleasant and faint fragrance. He liked the feet too much to let go of them.

He put her feet into the warm water. The water was warm and comfortable, driving Greta’s frown away.

The sleeping Greta had not the least idea that Maxwell was massaging her feet carefully. He massaged all the acupoint on her feet. Greta soon got relaxed. It was like a miracle....

He looked up at her delicate face. Greta looked tired, arousing the tenderness within Maxwell.

Although Greta had powerful aura, she was a woman anyway.

Recently, she had run into many things, which exhausted her.

Maxwell massaged Greta gently for half an hour. His hands turned pale because after being soaked in h the water for a long time.

Most would get numb legs after squatting for half an hour massaging. But Maxwell was an exception. He felt nothing after squatting for such a long time.

The bigwigs of the Western Dark World would be mind-blown if they knew what Maxwell was doing! They couldn't imagine that the Dragonlord would be willing to bend his knees and massage an ordinary businesswoman with that long-lost technique!

Several famous overseas medical institutions once jointly invited the Dragonlord to display that massage technique, but got refused....

Not long after, Greta relaxed. The frown disappeared. Maxwell heard Greta's gentle breathing. Then he lifted her delicate feet gently and wiped them dry with a towel. He carried her up and walked towards the bedroom on the second floor....

When Maxwell walked down the stairs, it was midnight. It was dark outside.

Suddenly, he heard a rumbling sound afar. A black BMW sped over and stopped at the door of the villa.

The car door was pulled open. The pain caused Hal to sweat. He rushed down from the BMW. His subordinates took the gifts from the trunk and followed closely behind Hal.

Hal rushed to the door of the villa and rang the doorbell frantically. The ear-piercing sound of the bell echoed in the room. Maxwell picked his ears impatiently and shouted, "Who is it?"

When Hal heard Maxwell's voice, he trembled. He calmed down and said respectfully, "Mr. Maxwell, I'm here to discuss the cooperation with Greta."

"It's too late. She is asleep. Come back tomorrow," Maxwell said inside the villa.

Hal was anxious. "Mr. Maxwell, I got some gifts for you. Please do take them."

"I’m fine. Give them to my wife tomorrow." Inside the villa, Maxwell heard what Hal said and sneered. He knew that Hal wanted to apologize, but the gifts meant nothing to him.

Hal was nervous. Maxwell refused to see him! "If I had offended you, please forgive me. I didn't mean it. I will leave now."

Hal had to contain his anger. If Maxwell was the one who cracked down on the overseas headquarters, then Maxwell was more powerful than him!

Hal didn't even have the guts to question Maxwell. If Maxwell decided to destroy the YH Group, then he had the power to make it happen!

Although Hal had doubts about Maxwell, he was not sure about it and didn't take any action. If he were wrong, his father and the headquarters would be screwed up!

"Go to the hospital." Hal got in the BMW. The driver started the engine. They drove away quickly.

Maxwell stood by the window in the villa and watched the BMW disappear. He smiled and made a call, "Let’s stop here. I have taught them a lesson.

"Mr. Maxwell, does Hal give up? The YH Group is influential overseas. I'm afraid that he won't give up and will attack Ms. Greta," the young man was worried.

Maxwell said slowly, "The YH Group often takes part in the charity activities overseas. Let’s give him a chance." Then he continued with a cold look, "I'll kill him if he is disobedient!"


The next day, it was in the president's office in the Sandoval Tower.

Melissa pushed open the door and said, "Ms. Greta, Mr. Hal is coming for you."

looked up and said in a

and saw the beautiful Greta. He smiled and made a

subordinates put down the gifts. Greta was surprised, "Hal, whys

you. You suffered a lot yesterday. I failed

Greta walked Hal out of the

I'm happy to cooperate with the YH Group," Greta spoke in an attractive

didn't forget yesterday's warning and smiled faintly, "Ms. Greta, we cannot reach consensus without the help

person?" Greta crossed her arms over cheat and

quickly." After saying that, Hal got in

She had never expected that the Sandoval Group's cooperation with the YH

it be that

had been helping her anonymously. Greta

from behind. Greta turned around

the matter?" Greta calmed

case you asked me to


came to

sat down,

"Go ahead," Greta said.

the first time, your

"Yes," Greta nodded.

last night when you were attacked again, but didn’t explain why," Leila

is the attacker?" Greta

After all, he doesn't have

impossible," Greta chuckled and

no different from my servants. He isn't capable to scheme things like this,"

was grimacing and obedient last night. She nodded and said, "OK. Ms. Greta, I need to stay

do housework, you will know that he isn't capable

hotel slowly. The car window was rolled

phone. His father on the other side said, "We solved the problem of the headquarters. The group lost over

was wanted on the streets of France. I thought he was nobody. It has never occurred to me that he was so powerful." Hal looked down at his severed middle finger. He never expected that the man who looked weak almost destroyed

nightmare that

why did the France royalty want to arrest him?" Hal's father asked. Hal

do you mean it is

night, but it can't be the man wanted by the France royalty. It's impossible for the France royalty to not know his identity. Do you understand?" Hal's father

"Dad, I see."

the phone, he clenched tight his hand that


BMW, Hal was furious and terrifying! He wanted to kill Maxwell! His looks

didn’t expect that Maxwell was so good at acting. Even

he thought of how he

Maxwell was shameless!

I want to

slowly. Maxwell stepped

more famous than before. When he walked in, he

was because he was Greta's weak husband. There were rumors

his dignity in order to marry into a wealthy family. He wanted to be Greta's husband, but ended up

ignored these rumors and took the elevator to the top floor of the Sandoval

sneered and looked at Maxwell's tattered clothes with

pushed open the door and walked into the president's office, only to find Greta and a beautiful woman discussing something


She was 90% perfect!

woman immediately. She was near perfect! A rare

stockings turned

in, the beautiful woman and Greta noticed

is he?" The beautiful woman was

replied impatiently. Then she glared at Maxwell. "Didn't I tell you not to come here?

embarrassedly and was

left the office and


the door open and entered. He saw the beautiful woman sitting on the sofa and crossing her attractive legs. He was fascinated by her narrow crack between her

examining Maxwell

"What's the matter?"

chair and

embarrassedly and said, "Ms. Greta, takeout is not healthy. How about I inviting you to

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