Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 24: Set a Trap!

The man in the suit looked down at Maxwell with a cold smile, thinking to himself: why did this hick have the guts to show up in this high-end western restaurant?

Many onlookers began to whisper. Obviously, the man in the suit was posh from the upper class. How could the hick be comparable to the man in suit?

They were curious: was the hick going to show off in front of the man in the suit?

"Your best choice is to leave now. You don't know anything. How can you dine with the ladies?" the man in the suit sneered.

"You ordered the medium rare steak. I guess you haven't had steak before. Don't you know that no one will order a rare steak?" the man in the suit demanded. Greta felt anxious and embarrassed.

Maxwell was her husband. He was humiliated by the man. In other words, she was humiliated, too.

"Maxwell, don't argue with him. You don't know that. Change it to a medium well one," Greta said in a charming voice.

Harriet looked at Maxwell meaningfully. There was striking light in her sexy and shining eyes. She was excited, trying to find out what Maxwell would do.

"The hick is screwed. This is his first time to a western restaurant. He is making a stupid mistake."

"I've had steak many times, and this is my first time to see someone order the medium rare steak. He probably doesn't know how to use the knife and fork, right?"

Many onlookers were discussing about Maxwell. They looked at him with a teasing smile.

The man in the suit turned around and looked at Greta and Harriet. He smiled and said, "Beautiful ladies, may I invite you to dinner together?"

"Us?" Greta was astonished. The man in the suit flirted with them in front of so many people!

He was humiliating Maxwell!

"You think you are somebody simply because you have had western food for a few times?" Maxwell said coldly to break the ice.

The man in the suit turned around. Maxwell was looking at him calmly, with the eyes were as deep as an ocean. The man in the suit felt nervous! He had an illusion as if Maxwell wasn't a hick. Maxwell's aura was different from before.

Maxwell said coolly, "Although the medium well steak doesn't smell bloody and remains the juice, it tastes tough. The medium rare steak remains its original flavor and tastes tender. The famous overseas chef Gordon Ramsey said that the medium rare steak tastes as smooth as silk. The flavor was much better than the medium and medium well steak. Do you think your cooking skills are better than Ramsey's?"

The man in the suit was caught speechless. He wanted to refute against Maxwell, but found no flaw in Maxwell’s argument.

One of the onlookers said, "I recalled that Gordon did say in a food show that the medium rare steak was the most delicious and it remained the most primitive flavor of the steak."

Many onlookers looked at Maxwell with strange expressions. They were shocked. Why did this hick even knew the famous remarks of Gordon?

"Don't talk nonsense. I've never heard that before." The man in the suit was angry. Surprisingly, the hick who may hold the knife and fork in wrong hands was quoting the Gordon’s speeches!

"Since you've never heard of that, you probably also don't know what kind of steak the Queen of England likes, do you?" Maxwell asked with a teasing smile. The man became even angrier.

The Queen's hobby was well known. Even in China, as long as people often read the overseas news, they would know that the Queen preferred the medium rare steak.

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