Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 25: You Piss on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining!

Maxwell was astonished. He would be detained for 15 days in this humble Ocean City Police Station.

"Explain how you injured those people," Claudia questioned.

Maxwell stared at Claudia meaningfully and calmly, "Captain Claudia, look at me. Do you think I can hurt them?"

"Those people are ruffians of an underground organization in the Ocean City. They're involved in a big drug trafficking case a few days ago. I suspect that you're related to that," Claudia said coldly.

Maxwell sneered and looked at Claudia's exquisite and charming face. Then he looked down.

"Captain Claudia, you're well proportioned," Maxwell said meaningfully. Claudia was furious and driven crazy!

Claudia glared at Maxwell coldly with embarrassment and indignation. She took out the pistol and pointed it at Maxwell's head!

The atmosphere in the room was tense!

"Believe it or not, I'll kill you," Claudia said coldly and wanted to kill him!

"Of course, I do. Captain Claudia can even frame me. What else can't you do?" Maxwell teased as if he was not in an interrogation room.

That was understandable. Three years ago, Maxwell was kidnapped by the drug gangsters of the Golden Triangle when performing a mission as a spy. He broke through the blockades and blew up the drug production base by himself.

Compared to the heavily guarded Siberian prison and the dangerous tropical rainforest, how could this interrogation room trap a hidden beast...?


Hal stayed in a private room of a hotel a few kilometers away from the Ocean City Police Station. He caressed his broken finger wrapped in gauze and thought of something.

"Mr. Hal, according to the latest news, the trap you set has worked. Maxwell has been tricked. He is being interrogated by Claudia." One of his subordinates hurried to Hal's side. "From what I know abouther, Maxwell will be detained."

"Good. What about other tasks?" Hal asked slowly.

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