Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 27: Collapse at the First Blow!

"It's a top secret!" the police officer muttered in disbelief. The director was nervous and he shouted, "Shut up!"

The police officer stopped talking. He glanced at the director who put on a wary expression and understood what was going on.

The director stared fixedly at the screen. Ever since he took office, he only heard about his predecessor talking about the top-secret files. He had never seen the top-secret files before!

The director swallowed. The top-secret files were not only rare in the Ocean City, but across China!

He couldn't offend a person with top secrets.

The director trembled. Now hee understood why the leader from Beijing was nervous and why the Ocean City Hall asked him to solve this matter within five minutes. It was because he had detained such a terrifying person!

The director's back was covered in cold sweat. His police uniform was drenched in cold sweat. When he recalled Maxwell's thoughtful gaze, he felt even more afraid!

"If you don't want to be in danger, keep the secret, destroy the records and pretend that I haven't been here today," the director said to the police officer seriously and slowly.

The police officer nodded. The director was in a bad mood. He raised his stiff legs and walked towards the office step by step.


Late at night, the Maybach stopped at the door of the villa slowly. Greta, who was sitting in the back seat, looked at Harriet and said in a charming voice, "You’ve just returned to the Ocean City and don't have a house here. There're empty rooms in my house. You can live with me here."

"OK." Harriet glanced at Maxwell meaningfully who was sitting in the driver's seat. She nodded.

"Bring her suitcase in." Greta looked at Maxwell with ill intentions.

"OK," Maxwell smiled embarrassedly. He didn't have the guts to disobey her order. He opened the trunk and brought the suitcase into the villa.

When Maxwell walked to the entrance of the villa, he saw two bodyguards in black suits at the entrance. When they saw Maxwell, they reached out to stop Maxwell.

"Sir, please show me your identification." They were expressionless.

Maxwell was surprised. "I am Greta's husband. This is my home."

The bodyguards exchanged a glance and looked at Maxwell's clothes. They didn’t have a picture of Greta's husband and hadn't seen Maxwell's face on the news. They only knew the famous goddess Greta. Maxwell was totally strange to them.

husband of the president of the

not allowed in

was annoyed. He didn't expect Leila to hire two bodyguards and arranged them at the door. He was not allowed to go into

the media knew about this, Greta would

Otherwise, you will bear the consequences." Maxwell's tone turned

They slowly reached towards the baton behind. As long as Maxwell attacked them, they would take actions and subdue

"He's my husband."

walked over, arm in arm. Greta glanced coldly at Maxwell with disgust. She had to

was too shameful

respect her

angrier was that Maxwell was detained. If it weren't for

He always embarrassed her.

Greta's exquisite and charming face. In Ocean City, Greta was the only one

bodyguards got out of the way and looked at Greta and Maxwell

Greta were not like a couple. Instead, they were like the hostess and

the villa, Greta got Harriet a room, while Maxwell carried the suitcase and tidied up the

out a cigarette ring, and asked, "Greta

and said, "She endures me in bed

was embarrassed and kept silent. Maxwell was indeed as

the cigarette and said, "My

was charming. "It's none of your business. I

slept with her. Do you want to sleep

but no. I'm afraid you won't be able to stand

smiled meaningfully, "We haven't tried. How do you know that

the United States were generally strong. However, every time Maxwell slept with them, they couldn't stand him, let alone Harriet. If Maxwell did his best,

room, Maxwell and Harriet went downstairs and saw Leila and Greta sitting on the sofa. Leila was holding a structure drawing of the villa and explaining to Greta, "I will arrange 50 bodyguards in the villa, including fixed bodyguards, hidden bodyguards, and mobile bodyguards. They

a professional. She was a top master in this

down when she heard the explanation. She didn't notice that Maxwell was looking at her

chuckled, walked

Sandoval Tower.

reliable?" Harriet blinked her beautiful

China's top bodyguard company. It has protected countless movie and television stars, business celebrities and

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