Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 28: Brag Again

Leila stared at Maxwell. She was surprised! Maxwell's words sounded like a fantasy, but it was like a bolt from the blue for Leila! It destroyed Leila's confidence!

Leila looked at the layout drawing and felt shocked. He was right. It was reasonable. From the directions he had mentioned, there were problems with her arrangement.

If the killers sneaked in from the directions he had mentioned, her bodyguards would not detect them!

The killers would enter the villa easily. All her arrangements would be useless!

Leila was astonished. She looked at Maxwell who was indifferent. She stopped looking down upon him anymore, but with a serious expression.

In China, she possessed special professional knowledge. It was easy for her to design the layout for such a villa, but Maxwell could tell the flaw at once.

How could she underestimate him? In China, few people could tell the flaw at first sight!

"How do you know that?" Leila asked in a deep voice.

"It's simple. I spot them immediately," Maxwell smiled faintly.

"Immediately?" Leila was surprised. Noticing that Maxwell was arrogant, she bit her red lips tightly and felt disgusted.

He was too arrogant!

Leila snorted coldly and didn't take Maxwell seriously. She thought about it. If he could notice the flaw at once, why was he willing to stay by Greta's side?

Was it a coincidence?

Leila kept probing Maxwell, but she couldn't tell his true color.

"What's the matter?" Greta wore a dress, came over elegantly, and sat beside Leila.

"Ms. Greta, I'm discussing with Mr. Maxwell about the locations of the bodyguards," Leila said.

She looked at Maxwell with disdain and said, "You don’t have to discuss with him. He doesn't know anything about

I don't know about that. Miss

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said, "Ms. Greta, I have

and sat on the

stared at Leila's back meaningfully. Leila's footsteps were regular. The distance between each step was similar. Every movement was standard. She wasn't undisciplined as

arranged their positions. Many of the 50 people that Leila needed were

asked coldly, "Why did you

poured a cup of tea for Greta gallantly and said bitterly, "Ms. Greta,

assassinations, he ran faster than a

coldly. She rushed to the police station today and many police officers were astonished. Fortunately, there were no the media companies near the police station. Otherwise, if

risked for him! It was because he had a fight with

be arrested by the police,"

a while, Harriet walked down

the pajama. Harriet was well proportioned. She had plump breasts, flawless long

was perfect. She was the top-grade

and said, "Why are

of your business. It isn't for you. Your home is my home. I don't wear anything in my own home." Harriet glanced at

home. Behave well," Greta said

is the

man." Greta glanced at Maxwell who was doing housework not far away

"When I'm in danger, he always runs away.

meaningfully, "I feel that he is quite good. He is much more real than the so-called hypocritical gentlemen wearing

covered her

was shocked and she asked worriedly,

but it hurts sometimes." Greta shook her head. She had seen a doctor,

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