Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 29: A Flawless Plan

"Do you know how to massage?" Greta was doubtful.

Maxwell had given her a pleasant surprise, but Maxwell had often made it up randomly. He was eloquent.

Greta didn't believe in massage. She had never gone to any massage parlors or bath centers ever since she was young.

She only trusted the modern Western medicine. But according to Leila, the modern Western medicine couldn't do anything about this kind of internal injury.

He said that he had a way, so it was difficult for Greta to believe in him.

Harriet looked at Maxwell and smiled charmingly, "Are you sure that the massage is useful for internal injuries? I have never heard of any injuries that can be treated by the massage."

"Ms. Greta, have a try. You'll know if it's true," Maxwell chuckled.

Greta pondered for a moment and looked up at Leila with inquiring eyes.

"Ms. Greta, why don't you allow him to have a try?" Leila looked at Maxwell and sneered. Maxwell always bluffed. He even said that the massage could cure the injuries!

When Greta realized that it was useless, Leila would disgrace him. Leila understood why Greta hated him so much. He always lied and was no different from a ruffian. How could they like him?

"Have a try, Greta. What if it works?" Harriet said in an attractive voice.

"If it's useless, I will teach you a lesson tonight!" Greta glared at Maxwell and threatened.

"Fine." Greta gritted her red lips and glared at Maxwell fiercely. His hands were disgusting!

Although she enjoyed it, she could not tolerate Maxwell's touch. This was a flagrant violation!

She wanted to kick Maxwell off the sofa, but what he said was right. She felt embarrassed and angry, but she couldn't do anything!

"Your stomach hurts, so I give you a massage. It was just my preparatory work." Maxwell's words vexed Greta!

down. Don't worry. It

She felt Harriet betrayed her. Harriet had

Lie down," Harriet coaxed her


you feeling?" Harriet

was neither cold nor passionate, but she wasn't angry as

acupoints accurately.

angry towards Maxwell. She was surprised. He didn't boast. The massage

didn't know that. She watched Maxwell massaging

the massage cure the injury?

massage. When she saw Maxwell's random touches,

He was a liar!

Greta had been cheated. She's being felt up,

didn't hurt later. She felt

knew massage. She could feel

you feel?"

Maxwell with a complicated expression. She snorted

the best. Your injury can't be cured by one session. It

you mean? You want to touch

give you a massage when it hurts," Maxwell smiled

my surprise, you didn't

special about it," Maxwell

was so eloquent that

useless. She could only find another chance to expose his lie.'Ms. Greta hated him and wanted

know she was wrong. She only knew that an ancient method in China could cure internal injuries. However, she didn't know that Maxwell had mastered this

ordinary massage technique and they failed. Even the five great doctors overseas had jointed

able to learn this massage technique. Moreover, it took a lot of effort

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