Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 30: Just a Househusband

The next morning, a ray of golden sunlight shone from the window onto Greta's long sexy eyelashes. She opened her beautiful eyes slowly.

The alarm clock rang out and woke up the beautiful Greta. She rubbed her bleary eyes and stretched herself.

A strange warmth made her feel comfortable. Her waist didn't hurt anymore.

To her surprise, it didn't hurt as usual.

Could it be because he gave her a massage last night?

Greta was doubtful. The massage she had last night had surprisingly good effect. Her waist and lower abdomen didn't hurt anymore.

Greta wore a nightgown and she was drowsy. She walked down the stairs in sandals. She saw Harriet and Leila sitting beside the dining table and eating breakfast.

Greta sat down beside Harriet and said meaningfully, "Greta, do you get up so late every day?"

"So what?" Greta picked up a sandwich and didn't care about that.

"When you studied at the Pennsylvania Business School, you had a regular routine. If the media knew that the No. 1 business beauty in Ocean City was sloppy at home, many people would get heartbroken," Harriet said impolitely.

Greta glared fiercely at Harriet, "Harriet, you didn't learn anything except to mock me after spending so many years overseas?"

"Of course not." Harriet glanced at Greta's plump breasts. "Although your size is bigger than that of many women in China, it is no different from the A Cup overseas."

"Don't be crazy." Greta glanced at Harriet. Maxwell took the opportunity to curry favor with Greta and smiled, "Ms. Greta is busy with work; she needs more sleep."

Greta glanced at Maxwell and it was rare for her to not feel disgusted.

After breakfast, Greta spent half an hour dressing up in front of the dressing mirror. She wore a silver dress and then walked down from the second floor, leaving the villa.

villa. Her phone rang. Greta

"No! I don't agree!"

while. She was furious. She turned around

Greta, what's wrong?" Maxwell, who was sitting beside the dining table,

tea!" Greta gritted her teeth tightly. She didn't understand why

didn't understand what the person was thinking about but had to obey the

was in a daze. Then he regained his sense. He

this treatment.

tricked Greta last night,

and wanted to find an opportunity to expose

a sandwich and a carton of milk, and ran

skills were superb. As the vice-captain of the Task Force, she was proficient in tanks, planes, and all kinds

during the morning rush hours. Although Leila drove the car fast, Greta and Maxwell were

Maxwell sat in the back seats. Greta's bag was placed in the middle as a boundary. Maxwell was not allowed to touch the bag. Otherwise, Greta would ask Maxwell to sit in the front

was boring. He couldn't help but stare at Greta's beautiful legs with

fascinated by her legs, Greta

he looked up, he noticed that Greta became

smiled embarrassedly. Greta crossed her arms over


and felt disgusted. She stretched out her hand and pushed

rearview and saw what he did. She was more certain of her

Maxwell smiled embarrassingly, he looked at Leila meaningfully. Leila and

Leila. How could he

Tower slowly. The door was opened. Maxwell stepped out of the car. He covered the

She stepped out of the car and stood on the floor with a crisp sound.

of the Sandoval Group, but who was the man

this sloppy, bearded man with

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