Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 31: A Good Show Is Around the Corner!

"Greta." Derrick frowned slightly. Greta did not consider Maxwell’s feelings when she spoke just now.

"Have a seat. I recently acquired this tea. Have a taste of it." Hal smiled faintly.

After Maxwell and the others sat down, Derrick took a sip of the tea and clicked his tongue. "Hal, it tastes good. It's good tea."

Greta did not like tea but still took a sip. She commented, "Not bad."

As for Leila, she lowered her head and sniffed, and her eyes flashed with surprise.

Its fragrance was very familiar to Leila. Back then, when Leila was serving in the Task Force, she was specially invited to have a cup of tea by a certain officer because she had made a great contribution.

At that time, Leila knew nothing about tea, and she was not interested in tea either. However, the taste of the tea was extremely good. Leila only took a sip yet it was unforgettable.

She remembered that the officer told her the origin of this tea. This tea had a unique flavor and was the king of tea. It was precious. The annual production was unimaginably low, and even the most powerful people would find it difficult to obtain it. Those who were qualified to enjoy this tea were all powerful men in China.

That time, the officer was lucky enough to get the tea as a reward. Therefore, Leila was very lucky to be able to enjoy the tea.

But she didn't expect that this kind of tea would appear again in a small city like Ocean City...

Leila looked at Hal with sharp eyes. She had a hunch that this man was definitely not simple.

Maxwell took a sip of the tea and put the cup down. Deep in his eyes, complicated emotion mixed with killing intent was being formed...

Derrick turned to look at Maxwell and asked, "Maxwell, what do you think of this tea?"

Maxwell put down the teacup and clicked his tongue. "The tea tastes pretty good. It should be of top quality, right?"

"That's right." Hal applauded and looked at Maxwell with admiration. "Mr. Maxwell has always been an expert. Even I can't get much of the tea."

"Oh, this tea has a history?" Derrick was slightly shocked. Obviously, he was very interested.

"Of course, have you heard of Emperor of Tea?" Hal smiled faintly.

"Emperor of Tea? Produced by the two ancient tea plants, and is called liquid diamond?" Derrick was astounded and his expression changed slightly.

"It's just a cup of tea. How can it be called liquid diamond?" Greta scoffed. In her eyes, it was just hype.

at the bright red tea soup in the cup. "Emperor of Tea is the best among the tea. Every tea plant has a very low output over the years. The few remaining

industry because an ancient tea plant was stolen ... It disappeared without a trace. Countless big shots tried to find it, but failed." Hal

has such great power to steal such a big ancient tea plant. It is said that there

and Hal had no idea that Maxwell was that

of his villa in Colombia. During that time, Maxwell even used the tea soup that countless people crazily pursued to gargle, wash


will be tasteless to drink other tea, and its taste is unforgettable." Derrick sighed with emotion and carefully took a sip. Then he gently placed

had prepared for

I still have some stock and I'm not interested

his hand. The Emperor of Tea was incomparably valuable, and it was even

Greta saw Maxwell gulping down tea soup of Emperor of Tea one cup

free items. The precious tea soup was consumed like

yourself!" Greta bit her lips and looked at Maxwell with hatred and regrets! How could she have such a husband? It was too

Maxwell's waist with her slender hand, and Maxwell's expression changed slightly. He could only endure the pain

the reception room for a while. Suddenly, he saw a man wearing a peaked cap. The man lowered his

the man with amusement, and he suddenly realized something

the office. He looked around and quickly walked to Greta's desk. He opened the drawer, took out a stuffed plastic bag from

few applauses rang out in the quiet

and reached out for

He was discovered!

and looked at him calmly

has a really good plan, but he had no idea about what he was doing." Maxwell was fiddling with the

his gun, but it was taken away

fierce killing intent. He waved his fist and punched

into the air and the

nowhere to be seen. He opened the drawer and found that the

know was that there was a man sitting in a Maybach parked at the entrance of the

taxi, the Maybach followed closely

the taxi and walked into a room. He said to one of Hal's subordinates, "I've left it

give you another reward." That subordinate had

and fixed his gaze on a safe with a wide

subordinate took out


Ocean City, a black landline suddenly rang. Claudia picked up the phone and her cold

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