Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 32: Let Go of My Wife!

Derrick turned around and walked to the French window. He looked down and saw police cars speeding towards the building from afar!

The beacons flashed wildly and the sirens created deafening sounds on the road. Numerous cars avoided in panic, not daring to stop them!

The pedestrians on the road were appalled when they saw the police cars passing them one after another. What on earth was it that the Police Station took so seriously?!

On the road, the police cars howled loudly as they headed towards the Sandoval Tower unobstructed!

"What's going on?" At the entrance of the Sandoval Tower, two security guards were panicking. Ever since they took up their posts, they had never seen the Ocean City Police Station coming for the Sandoval Group with such an imposing manner!

Police cars blocked the entrance and the surroundings of the Sandoval Tower one after another. The atmosphere suddenly became tense!

Derrick's heart almost stopped, and then his expression became serious. "Sandoval family never does anything against the law. Everything will be fine."

"Is that so?" Hal smiled. His smile was ice-cold, and he spoke with a meaningful tone. "But unfortunately, the Police Station did not think that way."

"What do you mean?" Greta's arms were crossed around her chest and her delicate face was slightly pale. She keenly sensed Hal's anomaly and her tone became cold.

Greta was smart. At this moment, she felt that Hal had something to do with these police cars.

"Ms. Greta, Mr. Maxwell, good luck." Hal stared at Greta and Maxwell, and said with gloom and amusement.

"I have something to deal with. I gotta go." Hal said indifferently as he walked towards the door of the reception room.

As he walked past Maxwell, Hal paused for a while. A voice that only Maxwell could hear entered Maxwell's ears. "I will repay you with the pain that 100 times painful than that of cutting my finger."

Maxwell was calm, but in the depths of his eyes, there was cold killing intent brewing... Sure enough, Hal had planned all of this!

Hal wasn't afraid of Maxwell at all. Everything was just an illusion. The ignorant him was planning to frame the Sandoval family!

Hal was targeting Maxwell, and because Maxwell was the Sandoval family's son-in-law, so Hal would make Sandoval family pay the price!

Hal walked out of the reception room. Derrick stared at Hal's back and frowned. "What exactly is going on?"

"I don't know, but it shouldn't be anything good." Greta crossed her arms around her chest, and her exquisite face was full of anxiety and worry.

"Everything will be fine. Trust me." Maxwell said slowly.

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