Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 33: Arrest Me?! How Dare You!

"Consequences?" Claudia was shocked for a moment, and then waved the bag of white powder in her hand. "Do you know the consequences of possessing this thing?"

"Immediate execution of the death penalty." Claudia's sound was sonorous as she looked at Maxwell and Greta. Her gaze was even filled with sympathy.

Maxwell was dumbfounded. "So the consequences are that serious?"

"Ignorance is a crime. Now, even those countrymen know that drugs cannot be kept. It seems that you're not as good as those bumpkins." Claudia smiled arrogantly.

She finally seized the opportunity to put this shameless bastard to death.

The police officers behind Captain Claudia looked at Maxwell, who was dressed in tattered clothes, with a cold and mocking expression.

The famous Greta was actually a drug addict, and Greta's husband didn't even have common sense about drugs.

The police officers looked at Maxwell with contempt, as if they were looking at an ant.

In their eyes, Maxwell, as a fool, didn't deserve Greta.

How could Greta fall for such a man?

"Cuff him and take him away!" Claudia said sternly.

"Captain Claudia, I think this is a misunderstanding." Suddenly, Derrick walked in. Seeing the bag of white powder in Claudia's hand, he immediately understood and began to plead for Greta.

"Misunderstanding? Now that the evidence has been obtained, Chairman Derrick, you should be glad that I didn't catch you." Claudia sneered arrogantly. The bag of white powder in her hand was the strongest evidence!

Even, the Sandoval Group's share price would plummet, and the Sandoval family's reputation in the Ocean City would nose-dive!

"Chairman Derrick, I advise you to get lost, otherwise your daughter and your son-in-law will suffer even more," Claudia said.

Derrick had a long face as he slowly moved aside.

"Cuff his hands and feet!" Claudia looked at Maxwell, who was wearing a calm expression and said sternly.

Greta's eyes narrowed slightly. She was annoyed but helpless.

It was a power abuse for personal grudges!

Maxwell took out a cigarette and slowly exhaled a mouthful of smoke. He looked at Claudia and sighed, "Captain Claudia, I thought you were smart. However, you are so stupid."

Claudia's face froze as she looked at Maxwell with a cold and sharp expression!

"You want to capture my wife and me because of this packet in your hand?" Maxwell sneered disdainfully, "Power abuse... childish!"

"You!" Claudia gritted her teeth. Maxwell's words instantly aroused her anger.

"The evidence is conclusive. How can you defend yourself?" Claudia said.

"Evidence? Take a closer look at what you're holding." Maxwell's smile became even more contemptuous, and his eyes were incomparably sharp.

Claudia lowered her head, opened the plastic bag and felt the powder ... Suddenly, she trembled and froze.

... this is impossible!" Claudia's eyes widened as she looked at this bag of white powder. Her expression immediately became

slowly raised her head with a complicated

then did Claudia realize that she was wrong, very wrong. This was

so similar that this bag of flour had

She looked at Maxwell with

as if he knew about this package even she herself didn't

exactly was going

Why was it related to

catch someone for a bag of flour?" Maxwell asked


flour. Captain Claudia, who is going to hit the headlines tomorrow?"


courage to abuse your power?" Maxwell's expression was still calm, and many employees of Sandoval

a celebrity in the Ocean City Police Station. She has

a pretty face. I didn't expect her to be so narrow-minded. She's not as good as Ms. Greta. I

focus. She bit her lips tightly

was young. She had always been praised

always been nervous, heaved a sigh of relief. When he

came. I wanted to catch him, but he ran too fast and I failed." Maxwell

Claudia and said meaningfully, "Captain Claudia, if you really want to

narrowed as she clenched her

not let you off!" Claudia threatened fiercely. She turned around and left the Sandoval Tower

stared at the sexy


sound created by leather shoes echoed in the corridor. A moment

been arranged. The heroin has been put

Hal smiled sinisterly. There was endless

was enough

As long as I lend a helping hand and as long as Greta is willing to be my woman, I will give her a chance of survival ... If she wants to be a chaste woman, then, before she dies, I will let her suffer all the humiliation and pain!" Hal sat on the

son-in-law of the Sandoval family, so I will make the Sandoval family repay a

on? Noisy!"

staff of the hotel. I'll

force suddenly kicked the door open and

He had only drunk a mouthful of

What was going on?

a beautiful woman appeared

investigating a drug trafficking case. Please cooperate." Claudia's face was as cold as frost. She had been humiliated, so when she

But Claudia did not hesitate and ordered

to investigate the Sandoval family? Why me?"

the Sandoval Group just now, so

you probably don't know that with your status, you have no right to investigate me." Hal poured a glass of champagne and handed it to Claudia. "Unless you

glance over the champagne Hal handed over. Suddenly, she struck like lightning and smashed the champagne onto the carpet. Then, she stretched out her hand and

attacked too fast and

changed. He felt heart-wrenching

his knees smashing onto the ground fiercely. One could even hear the sound of bones cracking,

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