Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 34: Ignore the Law!


Claudia's slap was very fierce, and a bright red five-finger mark instantly appeared on Hal's face!

The police officers beside Claudia were shocked. They had never seen Claudia being so cruel!

In an instant, the room was silent. Hal was dumbfounded!

"You actually ... hit me?!" Hal slowly raised his trembling hands and touched his cheeks with an expression of disbelief.

Claudia's slap instantly benumbed Hal!

The mark made Hal feel a burning pain on his face. This was an unimaginable humiliation!

"You slut! Do you know who I am? Ever since I was young ... no one dared to hit me!" Hal's voice was cold but trembling, his eyes were filled with fury and killing intent!

Hal clenched his fists like a furious lion!

Coldness on Hal's face was replaced by madness!

"Cuff him, take him away!" Claudia shouted coldly.

A crisp sound rang out, and Hal's hands were handcuffed!

"Bitch! How dare you!?" Hal shouted angrily as he struggled crazily. He was completely controlled by the police officers!

Claudia stared coldly at Hal with an indifferent expression. She had found heroin from Hal's room, how could she have sympathy for Hal?

In her eyes, Hal's reaction was akin to being furious.

"Bitch! You're like Maxwell and Greta! You deserve to die!" Hal's eyes were apathetic and terrifying, and were filled with the blood thirst!

"If I take one step into the Ocean City police station, when I come out, all of you will die!"

Hal roared angrily. A police officer impatiently took a piece of cloth and gagged him.

Hal trembled. This was the first time he had been humiliated!

Even the Saudi royal family treated him with great respect, but in Ocean City, he was humiliated again and again!

He was arrested by these damn police officers!

Claudia and the others walked out of the hotel in a mighty manner, and the police cars were driven away, whistling...


In the Sandoval Group, Greta coldly glanced at Maxwell, who had a calm expression, and asked in a charming voice, "Have you known about this long ago?"

so pure, how could such a filthy thing be related to you? Someone must

coldly. Maxwell's performance just now was very good. Without this fellow, it was very likely that Greta would have to explain

as she looked at

frowned and sat on

wasn't flour, we would have

bag of flour in the drawer?"

helping her. With Greta's intelligence, it was not difficult to guess that a mysterious person secretly

be the one who had helped her several times

her over

notice that she had an inexplicable feeling towards

at Derrick, Maxwell and Greta and said, "The police left for a

Derrick was dumbfounded and

the evidence is conclusive, then it's possible that Hal did it." Derrick said

that?" Greta was puzzled. She worked very happily with Hal, but

about it," Maxwell suddenly said, dispelling Greta and Derrick's

will do it." Greta suddenly opened her mouth, and Maxwell was

her arms around her chest

will. I am willing to do whatever you say, Ms. Greta." Maxwell

arm intimately and said, "Dad, let's go have

as he looked at Maxwell and smiled.


from the office, Maxwell's eyes had a wisp

his mobile phone, and dialed a number. "Hal wanted to frame my wife and me, but he is now detained by the Ocean City

actually dares to frame you? Do you want me to deal with them?" The

distance. "No need, I'll play

bit difficult lately. Two 200 billion worth of orders have been snatched away." The youth on

Idiot! We set the rules overseas. Are you afraid of those people? I don't have time to take care of the base. Let's talk about it after I win my wife's heart." Maxwell was flabbergasted for a moment, and then he cursed.

you a straight look

was serious. "The employer of the killer hasn't been confirmed. I can't expose


Ocean City Police Station.

the corridor, several robust police officers

his hands

Claudia, who

found in your safe. What's your explanation?" Claudia

only have one sentence. It was that loser from the Sandoval family, Maxwell, who set

the Sandoval Group and the villa. He didn't


what's your point?" Claudia crossed her

chair with an extremely calm

confess in order to obtain probation ... He was actually so calm. Could it be that he felt

advise you to hurry up and give an explanation, because it doesn't matter if you don't talk, sooner or later, we will find out everything and punish you according to the

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